Is paint a suspension?


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It depends on the paint. Oil paint is a suspension, emulsion paint is a colloid.

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paint thinner is basically paint thinner

A paint may be a solution, colloid or suspension.

Paint is a suspension and is subject to settling and separation. That is why the can of paint needs to be mixed before use.

A paint is a Suspension - solid particles suspended within a liquid.

It varies by type, but usually if you let paint sit for a while the color will settle out of the oil and it needs to be stirred again to be consistent. I would call that a suspension.

Paints can be suspensions, emulsions, or solutions.

Depending on the type of paint, it is typically considered a colloid. Many have water or oil with suspended pigment particles.

Suspension (particles in liquid), emulsion (a type of suspension, where two or more un-mixable liquids are blended), or solution (solid dissolved in liquid), or even a mixture of mixture types depending upon the paint.

Protoplasm is considered a colloid in a fluid suspension. Colloids are mixtures that contain particles or molecules of varying sizes. Some examples of a colloidal suspension are milk, paint, gelatin, and blood.

The magnetically attractive particles cannot actually dissolve in the paint but rather are simply mixed into the paint and are held in suspension in the paint. These microscopic particles will render a fine texture to the wall when dry which is unavoidable with any magnetic paint.

No, not as liquids. Latex paint is a water-based suspension, 'oil' paint is either a petro-chemical (i.e. paint thinner) or 'natural' (i.e. linseed) oil-based suspension. If you already tried to mix the 2, it can't even be recycled. Consult the local (county) recycling/waste disposal authority for proper disposal.

Actually, it is aerosols... It is a gaseous suspension of fine solid or liquid particles such as paint, detergent or insecticide.

Open the bonnet and look at the firewall behind the green suspension sphere. There will be the RP number and the paint code.

306 Paint Codes are usually found on or behind the offside suspension strut. Can be painted on or a plastic sticker. Four letters.

Paint is a suspension of solids in a liquid. When the liquid evaporates, the solids are left behind as dry paint (as opposed to the "wet paint" the signs warn you about). There will be some small amount of gas dissolved into the liquid, but it is seldom of any consequence.

Acrylic, or poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) is a compound made op from carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Acrylic paint is not a compound but an suspension of PMMA in water. However, PMMA is hydrophobic and so other compounds need to be added to enable the suspension to form.

Liquid gold is a fine suspension of gold in an oil used as paint.

some examples are oranges, salad dressing, water with chalk particles, sandy water, paint

To allow suspended solids to remain in suspension. Emulsion paint for example contains fine particles of pigment in suspension in water. The emulsifying agent prevents the pigments settling to the bottom.

Throw on some nice rims (not the blinged out ones) and maybe new suspension and a paint job. changes the entire look of the car!

Toothpaste is not a simple suspension but a Colloid suspension. A Colloid suspension is a suspension that has microscopic particles suspended in another substance.

Mustard is a colloid and not a suspension!

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