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Most likely - at some point in the water one crosses an international or country border much the same as happens on land.

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Would photo id work sailing from Ireland to England?

Yes. A passport is not necessary to travel between Ireland and Britain.

How do you sail from England to Ireland?

Ireland is west of England. Sailing from England to Ireland is relatively short, though it will depend on where you are sailing from in England and where you are sailing to. Depending on that it could take anything from a few hours to a few days. If you are sailing using an actual sailboat, this would be longer than if using a boat with an engine. There are scheduled sailings between England and Ireland by ferry, and more commonly from Wales to Ireland, as Wales is closer than England.

What city was the titanic sailing FROM?

Having been made at Belfast city in Ireland, it sailed to Southampton in England where it departed for USA .

Were was the titanic sailing from when it sunk?

Southampton, England, with a first stop in Cherbourg, France, and a second stop in Queenstown (Cobh), Ireland

How long does it take to get from England to Ireland on a ferry?

Approx. 8 hours from Birkenhead to Belfast and same time from Fleetwood to Larne. Both locations operate a day sailing and night sailing.

How many ports had the Titanic been at before it sank?

Titanic had been in ports in England, France and Ireland before sailing the ocean.

When did the titanic sail from which port and where was it sailing too?

it was sailing to new york from Ireland

Do you need a passport to sail to Jersey?

If you are sailing within the US, no.

Where was the Titanic sailing to and from?

Titanic was sailing from Southhampton in England to New York.

How was the titanic destroyed?

The Titanic struck an iceberg and sank during its maiden voyage. It sailed from Belfast, Northern Ireland, calling at Southampton, England, Cherbourg, France, and Cork, Ireland before sailing to New York.

How many people are connected with sailing in Ireland?


Where was the titanic sailing to and where was it sailing from?

Southampton England to New York, NY, USA

Can you go to the Bahamas without passport in 2012?

I'm sailing on friends sailboat and will not go ashore in Bahamas. Do I still need a passport?

He wrote the road not taken before sailing from US to England?

he wrote it after sailing to UK

Was the road not taken written before or after sailing to egland?

the poem was written after sailing to England

Do you need a passport to travel to the Dominican Republic from the USA?

Travelers from the USA who are flying or sailing alwaysneed a passport, regardless of where they travel to.

Which country did the titanic start sailing from?


Do you need a passport to go on any cruise ships?

Yes you will need a passport if the sailing is after June 2009. But if you are traveling before that you can still use your birth certificate.

What Olympic events are being held near Portsmouth in 2012?

Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy is on the south coast of England, and will host Sailing and Paralympic Sailing.

What are 3 water sports in the southern US?

surfing,sailing & diving

Were did Titanic stop on the voyage?

After leaving its first port of Southampton, England, the Titanic arrived in Cherbourg, France and then later Queenstown, Ireland, before sailing towards New York City, where it never arrived.

Pilgrims live where before sailing to the new world?


If you are taking a ship from Ireland to America what ocean would you be sailing through?

Atlantic Ocean

Where were vikings from?

Vikings originated in the three Scandinavian countries:Denmark (sailing mainly to England, France)Norway (sailing to mainly Ireland and Scotland)Sweden (sailing to mainly Russia and all the way to Constantinople)However it is important to understamd that there were a lot of Swedish vikings who also sailed to England and France for instance, aswell as there were vikings from for instance Norway who sailed to Russia and Constantinople-The Vikings were from Denmark, Norway and Sweden and settled in parts of Finland, France, Iceland, Greenland and England.The Vikings were originally referred to as Norsemen which are from Denmark, Norway and SwedenScandinavia

How did the normans get to Ireland in 1169?

Ireland is an island, so like all people coming to Ireland at that time, they came by sailing to Ireland.