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Yes it is, it is a boarding school located in New Jersey, and is considered as one of the top 20 boarding schools in the States.

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Q: Is peddie school a boarding school?
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When was Peddie School created?

Peddie School was created in 1864.

Who was the first headmaster at the Peddie School?

Thomas B. Peddie

What is the acceptance rate at the Peddie School?

Peddie School is located in Hightstown, New Jersey and teaches grades 9-12. It was founded in 1864 and has an acceptance rate of 20 percent.

Is Villa Maria a boarding school?

No it is not a boarding school!

Where was the boarding school that Sara Crewe attended?

The Boarding boarding school that Sara Crew attended was called Miss Minchin's boarding school, and it was in London.

When did Jack Peddie die?

Jack Peddie died on 1928-10-20.

What are the top boarding high schools in America?

There're some of the them: Choate Rosemary Hall: Georgetown Preparatory School: The Hotchkiss School: Peddie School: The Middle Sex School The Milton Academy: The St-Paul's School Columbia College: Phillips Exeter Academy: Phillips Academy Andover: The Lawrenceville School: ... The above schools are generally rated as top private boarding schools in North America.

What is a synanym for boarding school?

A synonym for "boarding school" is "academy".

Is girls' boarding school possessive?

Yes, the form girls' is the plural possessive form of the noun girl.The girls' boarding school is the boarding school of the girls or the boarding school for girls.

When was Jack Peddie born?

Jack Peddie was born in 1877.

Is boarding school a religious school?

Not all boarding schools are religious.

What is the first native American boarding school?

carlise boarding school