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Neither penicillin nor doxycycline will cure bacterial vaginosis. Both are likely to make things worse. See your health care provider for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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Q: Is penicillin or doxcycline better cure for bacterial vaginosis?
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How long does it take to feel the affects of penicillin?

The effects of penicillin itself are not actually felt. The effect is that some bacterial infection will be cleared up and you will feel better instead of sick. The time for this to take effect could be hours or days depending on the dose of penicillin, the type of infection, the level of infection and the bacteria involved. These vary widely.

Why do you need penicillin?

you need penicillin because it will make you better and it will kill all germs in your body

Why would your body build up an immune to penicillin?

The body does not build up immunity to penicillin. The bacteria that penicillin is designed to kill does. When you have a bacterial infection a doctor may prescribe penicillin to kill the bacteria off. As you take the penicillin more and more bacteria are killed within your system and you start to feel better. As you start to feel better you become less aware of the symptoms of the infection and are inclined to forget to keep taking the remainder if your penicillin (after all I feel fine you say) the problem however is that some of the bacteria are not killed of if the coarse of medicine is not finished. These bacteria are likely to form a resistance to penicillin as a result of their exposure making the illness harder to treat next time. Some illnesses that were once easily treated with penicillin are now very difficult or impossible to treat. Many as the direct result of over use or improper use of penicillin.

What is better to take aspirin or Ibuprofen with penicillin?


Does penicillin cure ear infections?

Penicillin can cure acute ear infections. But azithromycin is better alternative for the same.

Can you take Doxycycline if allergic to penicillin?

I'm allergic to penicillin and I got rashes after taking doxycycline. Better ask your GP.

Why do doctors prescribe amoxicillin instead of penicillin for tonsiitis?

amoxicilin is a semi-synthetic form of penicillin. After the penicillin is extracted, some of it is converted to amoxicillin. penicillin is primarily for gram+ bacteria while amoxicillin is effective against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.Amoxicillin is better absorbed than penicillin as it can withstand the acidity of stomach juice better than penicillin releasing more antybiotics in to blood stream.

Which antibiotic is stronger penicillin or amoxicillin?

It depends on type of infection. For gram negative bacteria ampicillin is better than penicillin. For gram positive and gram negative coccus type of bacteria and gram positive bacillus type of bacteria penicillin is better.

Does penicillin work for uti infections?

Penicillin may work, but for UTI the most recommended treatment is ciprofloxacin. It works better than penicillin as it effectively eradicates bacteria causing infections.

Can the discharge be a yellowish color when you have a yeast infection?

A yeast infection stings when you pee. AND yeast INFCTION is usually white and creamy with no odor like cottage cheese and yellowish color are most likely bacterial vaginosis , chlamydia or gonohea.So your yellowish discharge may be not caused by yeast infection, you'd better go to the hospital to do some relative tests to find out the exact cause.And if your condition is really led by bacterial vaginosis , chlamydia or gonohea, you could try herbal therapy, such as "fuyan pill", which has been proven effective on curing these diseases.

Will cephalexin cure strep throat?

Yes. But penicillin is better and economical.

How did penicillin change peoples lives?

it has helped people get better from their sickness.

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