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Is percocet and morphine in the same drug category?

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Basically, yes. Percocet is a combination of oxycodone hydrochloride and acetaminophen (Tylenol™). Morphine, like oxycodone, is in the opioid family.

Addition by Echo646: Morphine is stronger than percocet, however, and it can be more addictive and more likely to cause dependence, so even more care should be used when taking morphine. Every other opioid is judged by how well they treat pain compared to morphine.

2008-02-21 20:26:50
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Q: Is percocet and morphine in the same drug category?
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Will percocet morphine and marijuana look the same on a drug test?

morphine and percocet if its a urine dip if its a lab test than they are tested for specific drug taken and marijuana has its own test and is not the same as the other 2

Is morphine the same as percocet?

Hi, Percocet is not the same as morphine, but if you have allergies to morphine ;you may essentially react to percocet. Correct me if i am wrong anyone, there's an ingredient in percocet that is also present in morphine. Talk with your PCP or Pharmacist.

Does vicoden percocet and morphine show on a drug test show the same?

Vicoden and Percocet will show up in a urine screen the same because they are in the same family they can brake them down to the codeine family, morphine will show up as morphine that is in a different class of opioid.

Do Percocets test the same as heroine?

If you are referring to drug testing, no. Percocet is oxycodone, while heroin is derived from morphine, and turns into morphine when metabolized in the liver. These drigs are derived from different opium alkaloids and will not report as the same thing. However, if the drug test is for the broader opioid/narcotic category, then they will both show up.

Is diladdid in same drug class as morphine?

Dilaudid and morphine are in the same drug class.

Is morphine sul er the same as percocet?

No, morphine sulfate isn't the same as percocet.. which contains acetaminophen and oxycodone. At equivalent dosage and on a person who never took them before, oxycodone is 2 times more powerful than morphine.

Is morphine and tramacet the same drug?

Morphine and tramacet are not the same drug, but both are used to control pain.

Can percocet show up as morphine in a drug test?

They will both show up as an opiode.They cannot show up as an independent drug by name, just the classification of the drugs and/or drug..both are opiods and will show up as the same

Is heroine and morphine the same drug?


Will morphine show up on a drug test the same as percoet?

will morphine show up on stick drug test the same as percoet

Will 15 mg of percocet and 5mg of percocet show as the same on a drug test?


Is clonazepam in same category as Percocet?

no percocet is a pain medication and clonzepam is a benzodiazapie like anxiety medication

Will percocet and ms cotin show up the same on a pee test?

No. Percocet is oxycodone and ms contin is Morphine. They will both show up.

Dose percocet and hydrocodone show up the same on a 7 panel drug test?

Does percocet and hydrocodone come up the same in a 9 panel drug test?

Are Lortab and percocet the same on a drug screen?

No. Lortab contains hydrocodone and Percocet contains oxycodone.

Will oxycontin and percocet show up the same on a drug test?

They are the exact same thing. They are both the drug oxycodone. The only difference is that percocet has acetaminophen in it. So the answer to your question is YES.

Is Percocet and Oxycontin the same drug?

Percocet and Oxycontin contain the same narcotic -- oxycodone -- only difference is Percocet contains Tylenol and Oxycontin is just straight up oxycodone.

Does opana and morphine sulfate test same on drug screen?

no opana is oxymorphhone, or oxy-morphine

What is hydro morphine?

You probably meant HYDROMORPHONE, which is a drug very similar to morphine, except it takes less of it to get the same effects as morphine.

Will percocet and heroin show up the same on a drug test?


Are Percocet and Endocet the same drug?

Yes, they are both oxycodone with acetominophen.

Does opana and percocet show up the same on a drug test?


Does percocet and roxicodone show up the same in a drug test?


Are vicoden and percocet the same for a drug test?

Yes they show as opiates.

Will heroin and percocet show up the same on a drug test?