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Named for Morpheus, the god of dreams, morphine is a drug used to dull moderate and severe pain.

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Does chocolate potentiate the effects of narcotics morphine sulfate in paticular?

While many people believe that chocolate can induce the effects of many medications, not just limited to narcotics, there have been limited researches done to give a exact answer. However, chocolate is known to increase the production of Tryptophan, an amino acid responsible for making you feel sleepy. When people consume chocolate after taking a medication such as morphine (an opioid known for causing moderate to sever drowsiness) the effects of the Tryptophan combine with the effect of the opioid, morphine in your...
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Can morphine sulfate cause ulcers?

you mean gastric/duodenal ulcers? They are usually caused by a bacteria (H.Pylori) however they can also be caused by taking excessive amounts of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like acetaminophen (Tylenol) which often accompanies opiate pain killer drugs like morphine sulfate. I was just reading an article, published in '07 Supportive Oncology,which was describing use of Morphine Sulfate topical gel as an effective pain control method for ulcers on the epidermis. I wonder if it would be good for gastric ulcers too. ...
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How much morphine is safe?

It depends entirely on your opiate tolerance. In emergency situations, a person who is not a chronic opiate user, the dose is usually from 1 to five mg. repeated as needed. If you are a chronic user, the dose can be up to 1gm (1000mg) depending on your tolerance. ...
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Can morphine make you test positive for marijuana test?

No but it can test you positive for Heroin or opium.
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Does morphine contain codeine?

morphine and codeine are both opiates, to make it easyer for you to understand , morphine is the corvette of opiate pain killers and codeine is the toyota 2 totally different painkillers , 2 different animals ...
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Does morphine effect your teeth?

Yes, Morphine does effect your teeth like any other opioid medication. These medications include: morphine, hydrocodone, vicodin, lortab, roxicodone, percocet, oxycontin, etc... ...
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How can you quit Morphine sulfate 60 mg er?

There are a variety of strategies for overcoming a narcotic addiction. For those who have iron willpower, the "cold turkey" method is the most successful; you just stop, and whatever withdrawal symptoms you may suffer will eventually pass, and you will no longer be addicted (although you may still feel the occasional temptation to back slide). If that is too difficult, people generally use some other drug as a substitute. Alcohol is convenient since it is available without prescription. You can certainly ask...
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Can you take Ibuprofen and morphine together?

Morphine is a pain killer. Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory. Since most pain is caused by inflammation, ibuprofen is often considered a pain killer but really it isn't. For those who don't believe it, see an article in Pain Magazine, 1988 Aug;34(2):117-22 where ibuprofen is shown to have the same effect on non inflammatory pain as a placebo. Both drugs can be taken together. My doctor even recommended to me that should the morphine sulfate tablets (10mg) he prescribed me be insufficient, I...
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What happens if you take vicodin and morphine pills?

Since vicodin and morphine are both narcotics, taking both is very much like taking a larger amount of either one of them. If you don't know what you are doing, you may suffer an overdose. Your doctor can advise you and if taking both is recommended, prescribe safe dosages. ...
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Can morphine keep you awake?

Yes it just kills the pain.
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Can you take morphine and clonazepam at the same time?

Yes you can take the 2, but be careful about how much of each you take.
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How do you stop pruritus caused by morphine?

By giving antihistamines. Hydroxyzine HCl (Iterax) 10-25 mg tablet/IV every 12 hours or Diphenhydramine 25-50 mg 1 capsule every 6-8 hours, as needed. ...
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Why does morphine give you a dry mouth?

why do morphine give me dry mouth
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How do you make poppy seed tea?

There are numerous ways to extract Morphine and Codeine alkaloids from Poppy Seeds. One method is smoking. You can create home-made opiate extract from as little as 1 pound of poppy seeds. First pour your seeds into a pan with water, and begin to boil. Let it boil until the water is half gone. Then strain out the seeds, and begin boiling again. This time, boil until all the water is gone, and there is a tar looking substance at the bottom...
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Can morphine cause hives?

Yes it can and does as the result of an allergic reaction. source:i have them now xD ...
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What happens when you mix morphine and Adderall?

If you have ever heard the term "speedball," apply it to this type of combo. Traditionally a speedball is used when a person mixes heroin and cocaine, usually by mixing both and injecting. This is to give a double type of high, sort of. Cocaine of course can lead to euphoria, increased awareness, a feeling of grandiousity even, and general pyschomotor stimualation. Heroin also contributes to the euphoria, but can also cause a person to become so tired they begin to nod...
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Is it safe to take 60 mg morphine sulfate tablets with beer?

I just did, upon researching it it turns out that it can cause respitory depression and i may die... I'll let you know how it goes ...
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Can you give iv morphine orally?

No. IV (intravenous) medication can only be given directly into a vein.