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Is phosphorus gas?

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No, it is solid

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Is phosphorus a noble gas?

No. phosphorus is a non metal and not a noble gas.

What is phosphorus' state of matter?

phosphorus state of matter is gas

What is the noble gas distribution for the element phosphorus?

For phosphorus [Ne]3s23p3

Is phosphorus a gas?

no its a solid

What is the noble gas electron configuration of phosphorus?

The noble gas electron configuration of Phosphorus is [Ne] 3s2 3p3

Is phosphorus a solid?

Phosphorus is a solid not gas as everyone thinks.Yes, phosphorus is a solid chemical element.

Is phosphorous a solid liquid or gas?

Phosphorus is a gas.

Phosphorus a noble gas?

No. Phosphorus is solid at room temperature and is highly reactive.

Is 3s2p3 the element phosphorus of noble gas distribution?

For phosphorus [Ne]3s23p3

What is the state of matter for phosphorus?


Is Ne 3s2p3 the element phosphorus of noble gas distribution?

For phosphorus [Ne]3s23p3

What is the charge if the ion formed when phosphorus achieves a noble gas configuration?

A Phosphorus anion will have a -3 charge when it achieves a noble gas configuration.

What is the difference between nitrogen cycle and phosphorus cycle?

Nitrogen cycle is made up of nitrogen gas so when nitrogen gas and oxide compress they make a nitrogen cycle. With the phosphorus cycle it doesn't compress gas it just goes to gas to oxide making phosphorus cycle.

Does the phosphorus cycle have any gas components?


What is the nearest noble gas of phosphorus?


Noble gas electron configuration of selenium and phosphorus?

Selenium: [Ar]3d104s24p4 Phosphorus: [Ne]3s23p3

Is phosphorus a solid or a gas at room temperature?


Can phosphorus kill you?

no it is just a foul smelling gas

What is the name of the compound PF5?

The name of the compound PF5 is phosphorus pentafluoride. It is a type of phosphorus halide that is a colored gas.

What is one way the phosphorus cycle is different from the carbon and nitrogen and water cycles?

Phosphorus generally does not exist as gas

What is a balanced equation for Phosphorus reacts with chlorine gas producing phosphorus pentachloride?

2P + 5Cl2 yields 2PCl5

Is phosphorus the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?

no, nitrogen is the most abundant gas available

What is formed by heating phosphorus with oxygen gas?

Do you mean heating Phosphorus THEN putting it in oxygen gas? Because the reaction that will create is glowing and also condensation that causes vapor. The description of the gas is opaque and white. Not really sure what the gas is tho...

Does phosphorus react with oxygen?

Yes, Phosphorus reacts with oxygen to produce oxides in the form of a gas. This can be seen in P4O6 or P4O10.

Word equation to represent what happens when phosphorus burns?

Elemental phosphorus reacts with oxygen gas to form diphosphorus pentoxide.