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There is no such planet, it is a hoax.


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Nibiru is a fictional planet that does not exist. It is not going to hit the Earth.

Question answered at April 14th 2011. If Nibiru existed, it would already be visible

Nibiru doesn't exist. It's not close to Earth or any other planet.

Nibiru doesn't exist. It will not come close to Earth or anywhere else.

None, because Nibiru doesn't exist. Those that support the Nibiru myth, and believe Nibiru to be a large terrestrial planet (there are many different beliefs among Nibiru believers as to what Nibiru actually is), often claim that it has 18 visible moons.

No, because it doesn't exist.

Nibiru is a hypothetical planet and will hypothetically hit Earth in 2012 causing hypothetically disastrous results. With no doubt, loads of hypothetical law suites.

Never. There is no such planet as "Nibiru" or "Nibire".

No planet has crashed into earth, there was romers that, that was going to happen in 2012. but it didn't. the planet was called planet x or Nibiru

No, because Nibiru doesn't exist.

Nibiru is a fictitious object. However, in case another planet does crash against Earth, or even comes fairly close, the consequences could be catastrophic.

No. Nibiru does not exist.

Not much. It's widely believed that it will have no effect at all. It will be as though Nibiru doesn't even exist. Exactlylike that, in fact.

The world is not coming to an end, and the planet nibiru is not going to hit the Earth. The world does have lots of real problems, which I would generally categorize as political, economic, and environmental, and these problems may get much worse, but the world will nonetheless not come to an end. What is this 'Planet Nibiru'? Not one of the usual ones in our solar system.

No. Nibiru is a fictitious planet that gained popularity during the 2012 end of the world scare.

I think you are refering to the planet Nibiru.The planet only exists in science fiction and internet hoaxes.

Never. Nibiru doesn't exist.

Nobody found it. The Nibiru hoax was created in 1995.

Neptune, Pluto, Or planet X (Or Nibiru) are discovered. On the future, Nibiru is discovered. The Future Year: 2111

No. Nothing is replacing Pluto. Nibiru is not a real object but a hoax. Biyo is not a planet but an asteroid.

The name of planet X is Nibiru

There is no planet Nibiru. It is a myth, so any depictions of size or color would be fiction. (see related link)

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