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Planet x does not exist.

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Planet X does not exist.

No, today, the astronomical community widely agrees that Planet X, as originally envisioned, does not exist.

Yes, Venus is bigger than the Earth's moon. The volume of Venus is 9.38 x 10^11 cubic kilometers, which is greater than the moon's volume of 2.19 x 10^10 cubic kilometers.

The planet Mercury is about 6.083 x 10^10 (or 60,830,000,000) cubic km. Although this sounds massive, it is small on a planetary scale, and is the equivalent of .056 Earths. It is only about three times bigger than our moon.

The planet Poptropica and its moon are at X-56 Y-52. Once you have a new spaceship on the moon, fly up and left to reach the Jungle Planet at X-15 Y-15.

1.988435 x 10^30 (The Sun's Mass) in KG 7.3459 x 10^ 22- The Mass of the moon (or how big it is.)KG. So, to answer your question, the sun is bigger! :0)

planet x is unknown but is farther than Pluto

The moon has not flipped upside down. You are standing on your head.

Titan is the moon that is bigger than Mercury in size (radius of 2576 km vs. 2440 km), but smaller in mass(1.3 x 1023 kg vs. 3.3 x 1023 kg).Yes, put simply.

Once you have a spaceship from the holopad, use the "launch" command and you will go to space. The X and Y coordinates are shown on the screen, and you need to match those with the coordinates from the list of 3 planets that the Queen gave you. The Pewter Moon is at X-56 Y-52. The Ice Planet (X-73 Y-83) is down and right from the Pewter Moon. The Fire Planet (X-83 Y-20) is slightly up and right from the Pewter Moon The Jungle Planet (X-15 Y-15) is very far to the left and up from the Pewter Moon. (see the related question)

If you talk to the queen, she will give you three scraps of paper saying: X-73 Y-83 = Ice Planet X-15 Y-15 = Jungle Planet X-83 Y-20 = Fire Planet Pewter Moon is X-56 Y-52

The Fire Planet is at coordinates X-83 Y-20, up and right from the Pewter Moon.

The planet Poptropica has the same coordinates as the Pewter Moon : X-56 Y-52.

The Moon has a diameter of about 3.6721 x 10-10 light years or 3,474 km (this takes a ray of light a fraction of a second).The Milky Way Galaxy has a diameter of about 100,000 light years or 9.461 x 1017 kmSo our Galaxy is a *LOT* bigger than the Moon

No, the X chromosome is much larger than the Y chromosome. :)

x has to be a whole number that is bigger than 2.

A white dwarf could be smaller or bigger than the moon since it's size varies depending on the mass of the white dwarf. Since the mass of the moon is 7.347 x 1022 kg and the mass of Pluto is 1.31×1022 kg the size of a white dwarf is also smaller or bigger than Pluto depending on it's mass.

planet x is real you just have to believe and planet x does not have a x on it.dumb

16mm x 14mm = 2.24 cm2 That's bigger than 1 cm2

Well, a python is less deadly cuz it dosent have much venom, but its bigger than a rattlesnake!:) x

Planet X does not exist - it was a hypothetical planet.

From the Pewter Moon (X-56 Y-52) , travel up and right to reach the fire planet at X-83 Y-20. When you are near the planet, click on it to land. (see related question)

An inch is 2.5 cm, so an inch is bigger :) Hope This Helps :) x

megan(from england) says atleast 3 to 5 x bigger

Uranus is over 4 times bigger than Earth in diameter, in mass over 14 times bigger, and volume over 63 times bigger than Earth.Data comes from NASA. See related links.Mass of Earth is 5.97 x 10^24 kg.Mass of Uranus is 86.8 x 10^24 kg.Diameter of Earth is 12,756 kilometers.Diameter of Uranus is 51,118 kilometers.