Is plankton an animal or plant?

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The word plankton doesn't refer to a specific type of animal. it refers to all those animals which are not able to move in the water independently, in other words, they are caught up in the waters current and the current takes them anywhere and everywhere.

There is a type of organism that is often called 'plant plankton'.
Plant plankton, also known as phytoplankton, are microscopic plants which are autotrophs.

And there are also 'Animal plankton', also known as zooplankton. they carry some animal-like traits, mainly being that they are heterotrophs. They usually feed on phytoplankton.
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Is plankton a plant?

No plankton is not a plant it's just a small animal in the sea/ocean.

Are plankton plants?

Planktons are small microscopic organisms that can be both plants and animals and serve as food for fish and other larger organisms.

Is plankton an animal?

Yes, but it is also a plant. It is 50/50 on plants and animals.

Is plankton a plant or animal?

They say that plankton is 50/50 animal and plant. And in children's shows they are talking, green, one-eyed creatures, that can talk. But I still don't know if they are plants

Difference between animal plankton and plant plankton?

Plant plankton is able to extract its energy from the sun and produce its own food and drift on the surface of water. whereas though animal plankton is slightly bigger and and
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What animal eat plants and animals and plankton?

lots of fish in the sea eat plankton, and sea weed which is a plant if u look up in trees in the forest you'll see animals that are plant eaters except some birds
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Is plankton considered an animal or a plant?

Plankton is considered an animal, not a plant. it EATS plants, but is not one itself and also uses sunlight (photosynthesis).
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What is plant plankton?

microscopic living organizations floating in the sea from plants