Is pond algae a herbivore

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Is pond algae a herbivore
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Is a pond snail a carnivore herbivore or omnivore?

I would say it is a herbivore, because they would probably eat the algae in the pond, but some might be carnivores or omnivores, so your best bet is to just look online.

How do you use algae in a meaningful sentence?

Algae covered the top of the pond. The pond was full of algae.

What happen when you have overpopulation of algae in pond?

If the population of algae in a pond dies, what will happen to the population of fish that eat the algae?

Is some algae necessary in a healthy pond?

Yes, it is because without any algae some living animals in the pond would die. Algae can be food for some creatures in the pond. If your pond is just for admiring and not for living creatures, no, it isn't because the algae will take over the pond and no living creature is in it to eat the algae.

How do you kill algae in a koi pond?

In a pond, there is no possible way of keeping an algae-free pond with fish in it. You can choose one or the other- A pond with fish and some algae or a pond with no algae and no fish. The chemicals needed to kill ALL algae would kill the fish. I have a pond with around 20 koi. I use Green Clean. It is a white powder and it kills most of the algae when it hits it. I find that PondCare Algaefix also somewhat works.

What is the herbivore in the following food chain algae fish herons?

What is the herbivore in the following food chain: algae → fish → herons?

What is pond film?


Is a limpet a carnivore or herbivore or omnivore?

A limpet is a herbivore, and grazes on algae covered rocks.

How do you prevent algae from growing in your koi pond?

you kill the algae

Is a green algae an carnivore or an herbivore or an omnivore?

Neither. Algae is a plant, not an animal.

Do pond skaters eat algae?


What is known as pond silk?