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Popcorn was originally discovered by Native Americans, but became a very popular snack in the United States during the Great Depression. To answer your question, popcorn was discovcered wherever the Native Americans habitated at the time.


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Popcorn is made out of corn kernals.

Popcorn is made of corn, which is a natural resource.

Popcorn is a chip because it is made from the same Materials a chip is made out of just shaped different

it is made of popcorn that is found in mexcio and interduse to europeans

Popcorn is made when corn kernals are popped.

The best caramel popcorn ever made!

Yes. PopCORN is made up of CORN. Popcorn is just popped corn. It is made by dehydrating the corn kernels then adding heat until they pop.

Popcorn was introduced to Europeans in the early 15th Century.

Only certain ones can be made into popcorn. Yeah its real corn!

There are numerous gifts that can be made out of popcorn. Necklaces made of popcorn are always great gifts. You could also make a garland for the Christmas tree. Another great gift would be a picture that is made out of glued popcorn on a sheet of construction paper.

Popcorn is made of corn. Corn is able to become popcorn because of its starch interior and hard hull.

The Native Americans are thought to have made the first popcorn. Charles Cretors created the first popcorn machine, and Rori Morgan made the first microwaveable poporn bag.

It made popcorn famous........hello Keegan W.

popcorn corn ie kettle corn

No, it's made from corn.

Historians believe that popcorn originated in Mexico thousands of years ago.

Microwave, Stove-top,and Popcorn Machine.

No the book series The Popcorn Dragon was never made into a movie.

Yes, popcorn is a whole grain, made from whole kernels of corn.

There is less oil and fat accumulated in the popcorn in contrast with pan-made or microwaved popcorn. And there is less accumulated gases in air popped popcorn than microwaved popcorn.

It started with the American Indians.

popcorn doesnt grow. you have to cook corn kernels.

One pound of unpopped popcorn is equivalent to 56 cups of popcorn. One pound of unpopped popcorn will make a lot of popcorn, so care should be made before making the entire batch.

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