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In my experience as an insurance agent the disability insurance policy I can offer specifically excludes pregnancy. Also, from what I have seen with other policies is that since pregnancy is planned, in most cases, it is not considered a disability. It is similar to being pregnant and not being able to be excepted if you apply for health insurance until after the pregnancy.

This may be true for policies sold direct. However, Short Term Disability policies sold as Voluntary Employee Benefits do provide the coverage you are asking about. * When bought preconception, Short Term Disability provides a six week benefit period for vaginal birth - less the elimination period, and an eight week benefit period for cesarean birth - less the elimination period.

You must buy these programs at work, but since you will be paying for the programs, it is very easy to ask your employer to make the option available.

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Q: Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition under Short Term Disability group coverage?
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Is asthma considered a preexisting condition?

Yes, it is, and so is pregnancy, or the USA anyways...

Is pregnancy a preexisting condition?

If the pregnancy began before the first date of coverage - yes it is preexisting.

Is Pregnancy considered a pre exsisting condition?

is pregnancy considered a pre-exsisting condition for medical coverage

What is in other words of preexisting pregnancy?


Is it harder to get pregnant with thyroids?

A thyroid condition can present some challenges when a woman is trying to get pregnant. However if a woman's doctor(s) are aware of her preexisting thyroid condition going into pregnancy, this will aid in the management of the condition during pregnancy and postpartum.

Is it possible to add a pregnant spouse during the open enroll period for insurance and the pregnancy not be considered preexisting?

== == Probably.

Can I get short term disability while I'm pregnant?

Yes, you can get short term disability while you are pregnant. It will cover you for accidents and illnesses that cause you to miss work. Your future pregnancies will be covered, however your current pregnancy will be considered a pre-existing condition.

What pregnancy symptoms can be considered a disability?

Complications of pregnancy are treated the same as any other covered sickness - for short term disability. Your doctor must indicate that you are unable to perform the duties of your full time occupation.

Is pregnancy preexisting in group health insurance?

Only if the pregnancy began before the insurance policy.

Can you get short term disability if you are already pregnant?

Most likely not. Pregnancy will be considered a pre-existing condition. You may be able to get coverage for accidents, and illnesses unrelated to pregnancy. Five states have mandatory coverage: California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.

My doctor told me i couldn't work because of difficulties during pregnancy can i get disability compensation?

If you have short term disability insurance, your disability due to pregnancy complications would be covered.

Is your pregnant wife excluded if you added her to your insurance after she got pregnant?

== == 1st of all, we would only be taling about a pre-existing clause for maternity. Is this an HMO or PPO? Is this group or individual coverage? HMO's don't have pre-x clauses. Group Plans under Federal Law can't exclude Maternity as a pre x TITLE 26 - INTERNAL REVENUE CODE Subtitle K - Group Health Plan Requirements CHAPTER 100 - GROUP HEALTH PLAN REQUIREMENTS Subchapter A - Requirements Relating to Portability, Access, and Renewability (3) Exclusion not applicable to pregnancy For purposes of this section, a group health plan may not impose any preexisting condition exclusion relating to pregnancy as a preexisting condition. The pregnancy would be considered a "pre-existing condition" and as such anything to do with the pregnancy would not be covered.

Is being pregnant considered short term disability and entitled to a medical leave of absence?

Being pregnant by itself does not constitute a disability. If you suffer from one or more complications of pregnancy and your doctor orders you to stay home from work, then short term disability will cover that disability. If your occupation has many physical demands, and your healthy pregnancy prevents you from performing your job duties, then short term disability may pay a benefit. Check your policy for specific language.

Can you receive short term disability prior to giving birth if your pregnancy is normal?

Most likely not. Short term disability will cover disability due to pregnancy complications, but not for plain vanilla bed rest.

Is a pregnancy related disability compensable on a short term disability claim?

If it is directly related to your disability and that is included in your short term disability policy then yes it would be covered. But if it is just because you dont want to work due to your pregnancy than it will not be covered. Disability is just what it means that you are disabled.

If you are pregnant but getting married will your husband's insurance cover the pregnancy after you get married?

Yes, if it's a Employer Group plan. Can a preexisting condition exclusion be applied to my coverage because I'm pregnant? No. Pregnancy can never be subject to a preexisting condition exclusion in group health plans. For more information see Yes, if he adds you to the policy. Even if you don't get married the policy should cover a well baby (but not a sick baby).

When does pregnancy disability leave start?

Pregnancy disability leave begins when your doctor indicates that you are no longer able to perform the material duties of your full time occupation.

If Bleeding during pregnancy is there symptoms of disability child?

no their is not its normal to blead during pregnancy.

How to apply for disability for pregnancy?

You obtain a welfare cheque.

If you are pregnant but haven't gone to the doctor yet is it to late to sign up for short term disability?

You are probably too late. Most short term disability polices contain an exclusion for normal delivery during the first 9 - 10 months of the policy effective date. Pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition. It would be insurance fraud to lie on the application.

Does the state of Oregon pay any disability due to pregnancy?

No. Being pregnant is not recognized as disability in any state.

What are the legal rights of a person with a learning disability with regard to fertility marriage pregnancy?

What are the legal rights of a person with a learning disability, with regard to: 1. Fertility 2. Marriage 3. Pregnancy

Does Georgia cover short term disability for pregnancy?

Georgia does not have state mandated short term disability coverage.Private short term disability policies will cover your pregnancy and maternity leave - provided you apply for coverage before getting pregnant.

How is pregnancy viewed in Christianity?

Pregnancy is considered a normal human condition by Christians. Most Christians would say men and women who are married should be the ones producing children.

What is be considered as a pregnancy-related disability?

It is common for complications of pregnancy to cause mothers-to-be to miss work. Doctors often order bed rest to guard the health of mom and her baby.Any medically driven pregnancy complication that prevents you from performing your normal work duties is typically covered.