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Yes is a good school but also very strict

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Good school

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Q: Is pritzker college prep a good high school?
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Are black people good in high school or in college?

collage or college because in high school they have to do all that school work

What classes in high school do you need to take to be an anesthesiologist?

Anesthesiologists are doctors. It isn't the high school classes so much as the college classes that will get you into medical school. In high school you need good grades so that you can get into a good college. And in college you will need good grades to get into medical school. After medical school, you then study to acquire your anesthesiologist certification.

What high schools are good enough to get you into Harvard Law School?

High school is less of a concern then college. And even the college is not critical. Good grades in classes is of more importance.

What do you think is a good high school in the East Side Union High School District?

I think seton haalprep is a good school its easy to get in a university college.

If you got a 3.3 GPA in high school what do you have to do the rest of the years?

If you have a 3.3 GPA in high school, you will need to continue you good study habits in college. Your GPA does not carry over from high school to college.

Can you get into BU?

The only way you can get into Boston College is if you write good college essays and don't blow off high school. Remember Boston college is a hard high school to get into as is it is Catholic.

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In Melbourne good high schools are: Presbiterian Ladies' College*, Methodist Ladies' College*, Doncaster Secondry College, Eltham College*, Eltham High School, Melbourne city school*, Mount Scopus Memorial College*, Emmaus College*, Wesley College*, King David College* and Catholic Ladies' College.*Primary & High School

How do you obtain a good job in the U S?

Finish high school and get a high school degree, then go to college and get a degree.

What is a good high school to go to if you want to become a teacher?

I think you need to know what college to go to not high school

What does college bound high school students mean?

It means high school students who are going to college right after graduation. They qualify also because of their good grades.

IDid bad in high school but you want to become a lawyer. What steps should i take?

Get really good grades in college. High school will not matter as much as the college grades to get into law school.

Did Larenz Tate play sports in high school and college?

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