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It is 100% free, yes, and legal, too. PrizeRebel doesn't steal the prizes it gives you or anything like that, they are actually buying them with money they earn from ads and whatnot. They also get money every time you complete an offer.

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โˆ™ 2010-05-22 23:16:54
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Q: Is prizerebel legal and free to sign up?
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Where do you go to sign up for prizerebel?

The real website is prizerebel.

A prizerebel hack that you do not have to have points?

sorry you could use your referral link get some sucker to sign up on it then you will get some points for free

How might you get a free Club Penguin membership?

Prizerebel. Sign up. Confirm your email. And start earning points. The more points you get, the bigger the prizes.

How do you be a member on RuneScape for free?

One method of getting free membership is by referring a friend and having them sign up for membership. Another method is to find a website to earn points for rewards, like PrizeRebel.

Where can I download free music from where you don't have to sign up to and which is LEGAL?

I agree

How do yo get a free membership in club penguin?

Sign up at Prizerebel. Make sure you use a real email address. Otherwise, you won't receive your prize. Confirm your email, and start earning points. Think this sounds to good to be true? It is. Prizerebel is a hard website, but you might find yourself lucky. Make sure, when using Prizerebel, that you only give FAKE information on the surveys, as these are scams anyway. But on Prizerebel itself, you may still use real info.

What are ways you can get referrals on Prizerebel?

For users who don't know what Prizerebel is, you can read about it online. PrizeRebel Quotes: "Welcome! Do you want Free Xbox 360 Games, Minecraft, Maplestory NX Mesos, Prepaid Game Cards, clothing, electronics or anything else imaginable? Simply Sign Up for Free and you will be getting free stuff in no time!" Now, if you want to get referrals, talk to people in your games, or whichever forums you go to, and don't forget to refer the website if affiliate link are allowed there.However, you can post on some sites but not on others. For example, it is not permitted to add affiliate links on such sites as Wikipedia and WikiAnswers.After signing up with Prizerebel, go to the referrals section. Here, get your own Prizerebel referral and post it on sites where it is permitted. However, affiliate links are not permitted on WikiAnswers and many other sites.

Is Kizi free to sign up?

It is free to sign up as far as I know.

Does any one has a spare prizerebel account with 7 points in it?

rewardsquiz brings up no results in prizerebel. they mustve expired.

Can anyone sign up on your prizerebel link?

Yes - that's the point of referrals. You'll earn 1/5 of a point for every point they earn.

How do you change your postcode on prizerebel?

you dont need to. when you are selecting a prize you put your postcode it doesnt matter wat postcode u sign up with

Is it free to sign up for this website?

Yes, it is completely free to sign up for this website. WikiAnswers

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Is signing up on poptropica free

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