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Is proactol effective as a fat burner?


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2010-03-01 18:46:17
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Proactol does help as a fat binder. Since it is a herbal supplement, it does not have major side effects. But like all other fat binder & fat blockers, Proactol may not be effective if you do not limit the daily intake of fat.

One thing you have to remember with proactol or indeed any fat burner pill is that they dont work with Carbohydrates. Maintain a low carb diet if you want this pill to be effective.


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fat burner like phen375 or proactol. appetite supressant like pure acai berry max is also good in loosing weight.

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The most effective fat burner foods are low in calories, low in sugars, low- or no-fat, and high in fiber. Foods like celery and grapefruit are classic examples. Any fat burner food should be eaten in moderation, like all other food.

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A quick and effective fat burner would be Green Tea Fat burning capsules. They can be found on Amazon. This product has been formulated to provide a highly concentrated form of Green Tea Extract combined with caffeine that has shown to burn fat effectively.

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