Is propane cheaper than natural gas?

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2011-06-17 12:45:01

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Propane is NOT cheaper than natural gas

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2011-06-17 12:45:01
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Q: Is propane cheaper than natural gas?
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My air conditioning motor broke. The repairman told me propane gas was more acidic than natural gas and was the cause of the breakdown. Is this true?

Propane gas is more acidic then natural gas, and could of caused the breakdown but propane is also cheaper then natural gas and lasts longer. Natural gas is also considered the "greener" choice.

Does natural gas burn hotter than propane?

No, propane burns at 2500btu while natural gas burns at only 1012btu. Propane burns over 2 times hotter than natural gas.

How to Convert natural gas to propane?

no ones going to answer To convert natural gas appliances to propane you have to change the orfices. Propane orfices are smaller or have smaller openings than natural gas orfices.

Do most gas fireplaces run on propane?

Something like half of gas fireplaces run on propane. There are two major gases used in gas fireplaces. The cheaper is natural gas, while the more expensive is propane.

What is cheaper natural gas or propane?

If you use a high amount of natural than it is less $ then propane BUT if you use a moderate amount or less than no doubt propane is less. The reason why is even if you do not use any natural gas you still get charged a service fee and tax tax each month, where propane you do not have the extra fees. other than this factor it is almost not possible to figure what is cheaper since the prices for both change rapidly and propane heat is more hot burning. so thus makes it very very hard to figure it out.

To go from natural gas to propane?

btu of natural gas to btu of propane

What is the common name for propane?

Propane is the common name---I have never heard of it called anything else. Natural gas contains propane, but there is typically more methane and ethane in natural gas than there is propane.

Should I use propane or natural gas with my BBQ?

That is going to be up to personal preference. Propane tends to have a hotter flame than natural gas. Propane requires tanks, while natural gas can be piped in from your home service. I prefer natural gas, as grilling slow gives me better results than fast.

Does natural propane have an odor?

No. natural propane is an odorless gas.

Is propane gas the same as natural gas?

No propane is not the same as natural gas. Propane consists of one compound C3HH8. Natural gas contains mainly Methane CH4.

Can you buy a gas dryer if you have propane gas?

Yes, though you may have to change the orifice to accommodate propane rather than the natural gas.

Is propane flame hotter than natural gas flame?


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