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Is protein a major source of energy for the body?


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2011-02-09 20:54:27
2011-02-09 20:54:27

Yes, protein is a major source of energy but we also need carbohydrates for energy, that's why athletes eat a lot of pasta before or after an event. Protein would include; cooked chicken, beef, fish, beans, tofu, cottage cheese, yogurt to mention a few.


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protein is a secondary source of energy because after carbohydrates they give the body the largest energy kick

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The body is capable of using protein as a source of energy, but it would be the last source the body uses when it is in a malnourished state.

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Protein is extremely important! Like carbohydrate, protein is a source of energy. Protein is also important in bone development.

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Carbohydrates like simple and complex sugars, protein and fat.

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A protein bonded to a fat would be classified as a lipoprotein. This is a fatty acid binding protein the body can used these molecules as a source of energy.

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