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Q: Is psoriasis person denied to get a working visa in UAE?
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How will you know If your schengen visa was approved or denied?

You will know if your Schengen visa is denied at the time of your interview. Details of your application are reported to member countries, as they also have a right to refuse a visa. Processing time can range from a few working days to weeks.

Will the united kingdom embassy inform you if your visa is denied?

Yes - they will usually write and detail the reason(s) why your visa has been denied

What happens if a person with working visa marries a person who is an immigrant?

nothing she tills has to become a citizen

Will the person with working visa stays in the u.s. for good if he marries an immigrant in the u.s.?

No. The person is still subject to the terms of the visa. If the person with the work visa marries a US citizen, it shortens the residency period needed to apply for naturalization, but still does not automaticaly change the visa.

How do you get angolian working visa?

How can I get angola working visa

Can you get a person kicked out of the us if you know that they are working but is here on a tourist visa?


Can a US citizen marry someone who was previously denied a us visa?

Only if its not to keep the person in the US. Anyone feel free to expand.

Can you get work visa if you denied a greencard?

It's technically possible, depending on why you were denied permanent resident status.

Can I get a visa to America if I got fined for drunk and disorderly about 4 years ago?

I6 would be highly surprising if a visa was denied for this. You woill have to go to the US Embassy in person before travel though and have an interview.

If an visa has been denied to an illegal does he have to go back to Mexico?


How can a Bangladeshi citizen go to Canada by working visa?

I am Bangladeshi how can i will go to canada by working visa?

Which country denied to ivew visa to gujarat CM Narendra Modi?