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It's typically a science degree, but some colleges and universities have funny ideas about what to include in their art degrees.

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Q: Is psychology a science degree or a art degree?
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How does art therapist relates to science?

Art therapists are generally all trained in some aspects of psychology and medical science relating to the people they are trying to help. To be a licensed art therapist in most if not all states, a degree in psychology is required, and psychology is a science.

What degree is needed to get a job in the psychology field?

A bachelors of arts or science is oftentimes required for a graduate degree in psychology including a masters.

Social psychology is for art stream or science stream?

Art stream

BSN in psychology and nursing?

It would be either a degree in psychology or a BSN which is a bachelor in science degree in nursing, not both.

Is sociology an art or science?

Sociology is actually considered to be both an art and a science. In colleges, a student can go for an associates of the art degree in sociology or an applied science degree in sociology.

Is art a science or a fine art?

Art as a science is pretty much when you get like a bachelors degree as.. whatever and it'll say that you majored in Art with applied science or something like that. You simply use psychology with your art classes. at first when I saw that I got confused but yeah that's what that is.

Is psychology an art?

No, it is a medical study therefore, related to science rather than art.

What is a BABS degree?

bachelor of art and bachelor of science degree

I have a bachelors degree in computer science. can i directly do my masters in psychology?

Usually you have to have done a PSYCHOLOGY degree first. Check with your university for whichever country you live in.

How do i get a master's degree in psychology with a bachelor's degree in finance?

Check with the school you have an interest in and inquire about the prerequisite coursework required for the degree. There may be a number of choices particular to psychology at the master's level. For example, behavioral science, general psychology, school psychology, industrial psychology, etc.

What education do you need for art therapy?

a master's degree in art therapy. usually your bachelor's would be in fine arts or psychology.

How will the subjects offered in the Junior Colleges help me to enrol in a university where i can pursue an undergraduate degree in Psychology?

Come community colleges have a psychology option. If not, a liberal art degree would be fine.