Is quo a word

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Quod is a perfectly good Latin word, and a very common one.

It is the neuter nominative/accusative singular of the relative adjective qui, quae, quod: "malum quod faciunt homines," "the evil that men do."

It is also a conjunction, meaning "that" or "because": "rogo quod scire volo," "I ask because I want to know."

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Yes; it is a Latin word that can mean who, which, or what.

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Q: Is quo a word
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Is quo a scrabble word?


What does the latin word quo in English?

to which place, to which

Is quo in the English dictionary?

Quo does not have its own entry in the dictionary but is listed under quid pro quo and status quoQuo', however, is listed, a Scottish form of the archaic word quoth (= said, cf quote). It is an abbreviated form of the word, hence the apostrophe.

What is the Cherokee Indian translation for the word ocean?


What is 'A quo Caesar salutatus est' in English?

By whom was Caesar greeted is the English equivalent of 'A quo Caesar salutatus est'. In the word by word translation, the preposition 'a' means 'to'. The relative 'quo' means 'whom'. The past participle 'salutatus' and the auxiliary 'est' combine to mean '[he] was greeted'.

Is quo an English word?

Not on its own but it is a Latin word and is used as a prefix or suffix in parts of English words such as:- quid pro quo (means something for something) status quo (means keeping the balance)

What is the Latin word for where?

Ubi, and it can also be used for 'when', depending on the circumstances.'Where' in the sense of 'whither; to what place' is quo(e.g. Quo vadis, 'where are you going?').'Whence; from where' is unde.

What is a 3 word phrase that starts with Q?

Quid pro quo

What Latin word means existing state of affairs?

Status quo.

What is English for 'quo'?

"Quo" in Latin is either a form of the interrogative and indefinite pronoun quis/quid or of the relative pronoun qui/quae/quod, or an adverb derived from these. It can be translated into English in various ways depending on how it's used:in quo vadis ("where are you going?") quo is "[to] where?"in status quo ("the state in which") quo is "in which"in quid pro quo ("something for something") quo is "something"in fortius quo fidelius ("stronger because more faithful") quo is "because" (compare English "in that")

When was Quo - Status Quo album - created?

Quo - Status Quo album - was created in 1974-05.

What word or phrases most closely mean ''an equal exchange or substitution''?

quid pro quo