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Is r4ds legal?

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No it is illegal

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Is it legal to download r4ds games?

Only if you own the actual licensed copy of the game.

Is owning and selling an r4ds legal in Canada?

yes it is exept if you use it to download roms off the internet.

Why is an r4ds illegal?

Its not always illigal. If you use it for homebrew its legal and for backing up your games its also legal. r4ds is illegal because when you go and download roms off the computer and you don't even own the game it is like going to Target and stealing a Nintendo Ds game.

Does the r4ds work on the Wii?

huh? the R4DS is for the Nintendo DS.

Can you run action replay on R4DS?

no, but there is no need to, the R4DS has a built in Action Replay.

Can you use an r4ds and a ds action replay?

no, but there is no need to, the R4DS has a built in Action Replay.

Is an Action Replay legal?

Yes, an Action Replay is perfectly legal. It does not let you use pirated games, such as the illegal R4DS, it only lets you cheat. However, it may void your warranty.

Can r4ds play Game Boy games?

Yes the r4ds boots up game boy games into ds mode.

What is the best version for the r4ds?

the question is a bit vague: The best model for R4DS: The original R4DS (not pro, not ultra, not SDHC, not R4i etc.) The best kernel version: v1.18 (Released 24th April 2008)

Is R4ds illegal in the US?

no it is not illegal

Will the R4i files work on the R4DS?


Do you have to download software for R4DS?

The official R4DS comes with a CD with everything you need on it. Unofficial ones do not come with a CD, so you will need to find out which website you need to go to for the downloads. You can check the website from any packaging your R4DS came with.

Can you copy Pokemon form r4ds to Wii?

NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How come r4ds website does not work?

Does the trainer toolkit for action replay work with a R4DS?

It will work if you decrypt the file, but it is easier to use the R4DS cheat editor:

Can you migrate or trade pokemons at all on r4ds?

I checked and you can!

When will the heartgold English version for r4ds releasing?


How do you reformat an R4ds?

You can go to the official R4DS site and download their latest version, which should be v1.18. Delete everything in your R4 and just copy everything in the .zip file and paste it in the microSD card for your R4DS.Download v1.18: (It's at the bottom of the page)

What is a r4ds?

R4DS is a device that will plug into a Nintendo DS system like a regular video game. The difference is that you can load any game you downloaded onto the R4DS to play like a real game. There are some additional features like playing music/movies and reading eBooks too.

What does a real R4 look like?

The related link is how the White R4 looks like, the image being from the R4DS website. The black R4DS has only the colour changed, with no extra letters or pictures on the label. Also, the newest versions of the R4DS firmware won't work on fake versions of the R4.

Can you put music on an Nintendo DS?

Get R4DS. Order it at

Does the R4DS work on the Nintendo DSi?

The official R4DS does not work on the Nintendo DSi. There is an unofficial R4i made by R4Ultra, but if you want a flash cart for the DSi, you should try the Acekard 2i.

Are there any gba emulators for r4ds?

No, the R4DS is not capable of playing GBA games. You will need to buy a DS Flash Card such as the M3 Lite. It can be found at the following link.

Where can you buy an R4DS in Perth Australia?

i would just order online

Where do you download r4ds files?


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