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Is randy orton really injured?


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yes he has a herniated disk


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No Randy Orton did NOT die.

he was knot he is suspended for using drugs

yes he is injured cuz you know he has injured batista hhh and rick flare and now hhh is back and orton is injured.

MVP and Randy Orton injured Matt Hardy in Fall 2007

Um... I can't answer that for you, we don't know till it happens.

Randy orton and after the match mark henry hurt Randy really badly.

Randy Orton has a disease where he is not in control of some of his actions. Thats all storyline, Randy really suffers from hypermobile shoulders

he will not continue wrestling because he injured his back.

Randy Orton only hears voices in WWE when he goes to that place in his head and then does an RKO!

no,he was fine but was having minor wounds

yes cause when he won it Randy Orton was injured

Batista is really mad at Randy Orton because Randy put Batista on the shelf for about 4 months, from January 09 to April 09. -Drew (a future wrestler)

Randy Orton got injured by Triple H at One night stand 2008 in a last man standing match. He went for an RKO but triple H caught him and threw him over the top ropes and then he broke his collar bone.

no randy orton does not have earrings

No, Randy Orton did not die.

randy orton is christian

Randy Orton is not retired.

randy orton randy orton randy orton at backlash

No he doesn't -Yes He Does, The WWE Knows He Does. Wikipeda Has a Articel on it About Him. Just Look Randy Orton up

Melina does not like randy orton

Randy Orton is a WWE Wrestling Superstar.

The randy Orton smack is RKO

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