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Is raven having a baby?


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2009-12-17 00:05:01
2009-12-17 00:05:01

im not sure.thats wat i heard,she fine as heck though so yes she is pregnant

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no that's so raven is not having a baby if anyone was having a baby in that so raven, they would of cancelled the show by now.

is raven simone having a baby soon or is she planing on having one yet or is she pregnant or do she dont know please give me a answer === === * Help

why do you ask that ask the docter instead

yes she has a daughter and she is having another baby

Raven Simone does not have a baby

No,Raven Simon did not have a baby .this was a rumor and gossiped!

yes raven symone had a baby

No, Raven does not have a baby by Lil Wayne.

Sorta like.. An Adult raven but like a baby :)

no raven did not have a baby with bow wow!

Raven symone's doesn't have a baby so their's no baby daddy

how old is raven baby plz answer me i am begging u.

Yes raven had a baby by lilwayne the rapper i think its a boy!!

Raven does not have any children.

Nobody had a child or baby by Raven she never gave birth to a baby in her life.

She does not have a baby.

yea she do have a baby

i believe that raven do have a kid

did raven even have a baby or wat??? i need 2 no now a.s.a.p did raven even have a baby or wat??? i need 2 no now a.s.a.p

Yes Raven Symone had Omarion's baby and yeah they r happy i think...

no raven has not shown her baby to anybody i guess she does not want any body to know

Raven Symone has one daughter aged 3.

raven symone do have a baby girl

yes it a 15 year old boy From Elizabeth City, Nc And She Might Be Having A Baby By Him.

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