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Q: Is reader-response criticism and feminism criticism different?
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Are feminism criticism and reader reaponce criticism alike or different?

Reader response is your personal opinion on what you think a certain piece of writing is. Feminism criticism is looking at that piece of writing and how it portrays women.

A Literary criticism for the color purple?

Feminism criticism..... African American criticism....

What has the author Gita Elizabeth Joshua written?

Gita Elizabeth Joshua has written: 'Feminism, psychoanalysis, sociology and the subaltern woman' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis and feminism, Criticism and interpretation, Feminism

A critic from which of the following schools of literary criticism would be most likely to write a piece of literary criticism about a book and the reallife effects it?


A critic from what schools of literary criticism would be most likely to write a piece of literary criticism about a book and the real-life effects it has on women?


What has the author Nadine Strossen written?

Nadine Strossen has written: 'Defending pornography' -- subject(s): Censorship, Feminism, Feminist criticism, Pornography, Social aspects, Social aspects of Pornography, United States 'Defending pornography' -- subject(s): Pornography, Feminist criticism, Feminism

What has the author Susanne Hagemann written?

Susanne Hagemann has written: 'Feminism and territoriality' -- subject(s): Feminism in literature, History and criticism, Irish literature 'Feminism and territoriality: a bifocal case study of literary Irelands' -- subject(s): English literature, OUR Brockhaus selection

What has the author Lula McDowell Richardson written?

Lula McDowell Richardson has written: 'The forerunners of feminism in French literature of the Renaissance from Christine of Pisa to Marie de Gournay' -- subject(s): Feminism, Feminism and literature, Feminism in literature, French literature, History, History and criticism, Renaissance, Women, Women and literature, Women in literature

What has the author Makiko Minow-Pinkney written?

Makiko Minow-Pinkney has written: 'Virginia Woolf & the problem of the subject' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Feminism and literature, Feminism in literature, History, Modernism (Literature)

What is the best lens to view Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen through--Marxist or feminist or historical criticism?

Feminism or historical criticism. I simply can't see any Marxist elements here.

Has modern feminism lost its principles?

Some critics have argued that modern feminism has lost its principles. However, feminism is not a stationary idea, and has to change in order to continue to be useful. Feminism has gone through many phases or waves since its advent in the United States, from First Wave Feminism all the way to Fourth Wave Feminism. Just within the U.S. feminism has changed from a movement focused on getting women the vote, and from being a movement largely run only by white, middle-class straight women, to a feminism that attempts to be more inclusive to all women, regardless of their race, ability, sexuality, religion, class and other identities. Feminism has branched into numerous subsets, such as eco-feminism, radical feminism, and (Multi)Cultural feminism, in an attempt to acknowledge all women and all their experiences. Feminism in different countries takes different forms and means different things. So feminism has changed in many ways since its advent, but it has not lost its principles. Feminism still seeks to bring equality to women, and dismantling, and dismantling oppressive institutions, which are what its principles have always been.

What has the author Angela Thomas written?

Angela Thomas has written: 'Mit unverstelltem Blick' -- subject(s): Biography, Criticism and interpretation, Feminism and art, History and criticism, Swiss Art, Women artists