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is real a synonym for quaintis real a synonym for quaint

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As an adjective meaning strange or odd, quaint has many synonyms, such as eccentric, unusual, laughable, special, and outlandish.

unusual, extraordinary, old-fashioned

There isn't a synonym for quaint that begins with the letter 't'. For a list of synonyms, please follow the link below.

scenic, pretty, attractive, striking, arresting, beautiful, charming, quaint

rare, different, unfamiliar, irregular, quaint, weird, uncommon, unusual

"actual" begins with "a" and is a synonym for "real".

Since "queer" and "odd" are synonyms themselves, they could both be used in the place of "quaint." The word suggests a status or a custom that is unusual either because it is from a strange place or from an earlier time. Other synonyms could include bizarre, eccentric, offbeat, oddball, outlandish, peculiar, unconventional, or unusual.

That cat is very Quaint. I do not like quaint products.

Quaint exactly how you have it there

Isn't that quaint? That quaint cottage had no stove or running water.

none are real thier are just words

In order to simplify my life, I moved from a mansion to a very quaint cottage on the lake.

There is no real synonym for the game. Some slang terms are B-ball or hoops.

The word quaint does sort of mean odd. The meaning of quaint is attractively unusual quality or old fashioned.

faint, feint, paint, saint, taintquaint-rhymes with paint. saint, and faint also rhyme with quaint

The town they visited was quaint and simple.

The quaint old woman lost her cat.

On their vacation, my parents stayed at a quaint old inn in Vermont. He was surprised by the quaint customs still practiced by the villagers.

i went to a quaint little village down by the river

William Quaint has written: 'The humours of the road'

(quaint means strange or unusual, in an interesting or pleasing way)Our vacation villa in Tuscany was a both a quaint and picturesque place.The quaint customs of rural Italy have persisted for many hundreds of years.She found the building quaint and historic; he thought it was just old.

specific, real, genuine, affirmative

We rented a quaint little cabin in the woods. Our first home was quaint and cozy, but not nearly big enough for a large family. She grew up in a quaint little village but prefers life in a big city.

The person who posted the question did not list "the following" - so no 'correct' answer can be given.However, the definition of "quaint" isattractively unusual or old-fashionede.g. quaint country cottages;a quaint old custom.

realty; real property; land; fee simple estate