Is recommended a verb

Updated: 9/27/2023
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'Recommendation' is a noun. To use it as a verb you would say 'recommended'.

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Q: Is recommended a verb
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What part of speech is recommended?

The word recommend is a verb. It means to represent or suggest favorably.

Is the word recommended a linking verb or an action verb?

Recommend is something you do, which makes it an "action".

Does the verb recommend take an object plus infinitive as in The doctor recommended you to drink water?

Grammatically, you are right to say a verb takes an object to form part of a complete sentence. In your example, " The doctor " is the subject, " recommended " is the verb whereas " you to drink water " is the noun clause, which incidentally includes the infinitive " to drink water ", of the verb " recommended ".

Is recommended a conjunction?

No, it is not a conjunction. It is the past tense and past participle of the verb to recommend. It can be a verb or an adjective.

What part of speech is the word recommends?

The word recommended is a verb. It is the past tense of recommend.

Can a predicate be a noun?

Yes, a predicate is the verb and all of the words related to that verb that follow the verb; there can be more than one predicate in a sentence. The words related the verb included in the predicate can be a noun or nouns. Examples:This restaurant was recommended by my sister. ('was recommended by my sister' is the complete predicate, 'sister' is a noun)The Browns live on this street. ('live on this street is the complete predicate, 'street' is a noun)

How do you use the word recommended?

Recommended is the past tense form of the verb recommend. It is synonymous with suggest. In a sentence it would look like "I recommended he take up soccer." or "I recommended that we turn down the air conditioning so we don't freeze."

Is advice an adjective?

The word advice, meaning "a recommended opinion" is a noun; an common, abstract, uncountable noun, a word for a thing. The verb form is to advise.

What is the noun form of recommend?

The past tense of recommend is recommended.

What is s-tv-do pattern?

Subject + transitive verb + direct object. examples: Hillary loves Bill. Rahm cooked dinner. Barack chose his advisors. The newly elected president recommended an economic plan. It's just S-V-O word order. A transitive verb is a verb that takes an object.

How do you spell showing?

That is the correct spelling of "showed" (the past tense of to show).The similar word is should, used with a verb to mean a usual or recommended action.

What part of speech is ending -tch?

Examples of words ending in -tch with their corresponding parts of speech:batch = verb, nounblotch = verb, nouncatch = verb, nounclutch = verb, noun, adjectivecrutch = nounditch = verb, nounDutch = noun, adjectivedutch = adverbfetch = verb, nounglitch = verb, nounhatch = verb, nounhutch = nounitch = verb, nounlatch = verb, nounmatch = verb, nounpatch = verb, nounpitch = verb, nounscratch = verb, noun, adjectivesketch = verb, nounstitch = verb, nounstretch = verb, noun, adjectiveswitch = verb, nounthatch = verb, nountwitch = verb, nounwatch = verb, nounwitch = verb, noun