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Is red spotting normal in sixth week of pregnancy?

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NO. SEE A DOCTOR: It could be a cervical change that can cause vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding can also be a symptom of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Another cause for bleeding during pregnancy is a miscarriage although the first two reasons for bleeding are more common, it is still a good idea to contact your doctor if you are too concerned.

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Is it normal to have spotting one week into pregnancy?

About one half of all pregnant women have spotting very early in pregnancy.

Normal investigation of uterus in sixth week of pregnancy?


Is spotting normal During 5 week pregnancy?

Spotting is more common within the first few weeks of pregnancy.... Although is it not as common it is still possible to experience spotting later in Pregnancy

Off and on spotting in sixth week of pregnancy is it safe?

Hi, I have similar thing happening,I guess it is not a problem until you get spotting with cramps.Hope for the best.All the best...Bye take care.

Is it normal to have spotting increase from the fifth to tenth week of pregnancy?

Of course it's not normal, go and see an ob-gyne doctor.

A week and a half of pregnancy and spotting is something wrong?

wow! ya girls dont know a guy and am answering this... it is normal its nothing bad but if ur bleeding alot u have to go get cheked but the spotting thing is normal wen pregnancy!

Is it normal to have spotting during 5 weeks of pregnancy for almost a week?

No its a sign of early miscarriage get checked sweetie

Normal period in August then over a week of brownish discharge or spotting- and now waiting for my period really nervous- what does it mean?

Thats a pregnancy sign spotting is

9 weeks pregnant and bleeding and spotting for a week?

Spotting can be normal in a pregnancy, but if you have a lot of bleeding call you Dr. ASAP. However, even for light spotting you should go to the walk in clinic today. Good luck

Is bleeding in the 7th week of pregnancy normal?

No it is not,most of time bleeding around that time, heavy bleeding is due to miscarriage. Spotting is normal, bleeding is a sign of miscarriage.

Is light brown spotting normal during the 6th week of pregnancy even for 4 days?

yes,as long as it is not bright red you will be fine.

Had normal period then followed by spotting 10 days later now 1 week late for next period?

Take a pregnancy test

You are 5 weeks pregnant and you experienced spotting?

Sometimes, it can be harmless. With a brand new pregnancy it is possible to have some spotting as the body adjusts to this state. However, it could also indicate a problem with the pregnancy. I myself started light spotting between my sixth and seventh week, and then miscarried soon after. The best thing you can do is consult your physician in this situation.

Is it possible to have cramps and spotting at 1 week pregnant?

is it possible to have cramps and spotting when you did a pregnancy test and you sure you're pregnant of 1 week

Is spotting in 7th week pregnancy normal?

You may want to check if you have a placenta previa. If you have any spotting at all, you may be prescribed bed rest by your doctor. I would suggest you call your doc immediately.

Is it normal to spot light pink in early pregnancy for 1 week?

a small amount of spotting early in pregnancy can be very normal known as 'implantation bleeding'. however if it gets heavy or is accompanied by cramping it may be a sign of miscarriage

Is it normal to be spotting for a week after a week of my period?

Probably, depends on ur body

If you had a normal six-day period but a week later you are spotting could you be pregnant?

no you may have and infection and u dont spot in pregnancy until its around time for the baby to come this is not true there does not have to be an ifection to have spotting and some women exerience spotting in the beginning of pregnancy and I have never heard of spotting when it is time for the baby to come. I know I didn't!!! Check your facts

Can you be pregnant if your breasts are sore and swollen a week after spotting?

Well take a pregnancy test to make sure, and it might just be a normal thing. so yeah, a pregnancy test sounds good.

I am in my 8th week of pregnany and 3 days of brown spotting what should you do?

Although some spotting in early pregnancy is "normal", it's a good idea to check with your health care provider at any sign of bleeding.

Is spotting over a week normal while pregnant?


Is very light redpink spotting normal in 10 weeks of pregnancy even though I had spotting at 5 week?

any kind of spotting is very common up until 12 weeks. some people experience spotting right through their pregnancy. unless you experience any stomach cramps don't worry. get yourself checked out with your midwife if you are at all worried.

1 week late and spotting what is this?

You could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test

Is it normal to spot a week before your period or is this a sign of pregnancy?

It is not a sign of pregnancy and it is not normal.

Is it normal that you have old brown blood and I'm a week or two late on your period and still haven't gotten it?

Take a pregnancy test The blood could be spotting, so you should take a pregnancy test especially if you have other pregnancy symptoms.