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Remedy is a word that has many synonyms, i.e., words of similar meaning.

And remedy is a synonym for each of those synonyms.

A group of synonyms is like a group of friends in that way. Just as each person in the group can claim all others in the group as friends, so each word in a synonymous group can claim all the others in that group as synonyms.

The word remedy is a synonym for all these words and many more, depending on context: cure, solution, antidote, panacea, quick fix, redress, relief, corrective, counteraction, elixir, improvement, medicine, physic, restorative

And all the words remedy is synonymous with are synonyms for remedy, too.

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Q: Is remedy a synonym
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What is a synonym for therapy?

Analysis, cure,remedy, medicine, healing and theraputics

What is a synonym for treatment?

depends, medical: remedy, medication, therapy handling of a situation: approach, procedure, conduct

What is the synonym of panacea?

cure all, cure, solution, answer, remedy, magic potion, magic bullet

What is a synonym for antidote?

Definition:counteracting agentSynonyms:antitoxin, antivenin, corrective, counteractant,counteragent, countermeasure, counterstep,cure, medicine, negator, neutralizer, nullifier,preventive, remedy

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How do you use remedy in a sentence -?

Example sentences using 'remedy':My grandmother made a remedy for my sore throatThis remedy aims at boosting yourimmunesystemYou can buy a herbal remedy from a medicine storeJohn is looking for a remedy to treat his tummy upsetThe loans are provided to remedy the failings of the decent homes standard

What is plural for remedy?

The plural for remedy is remedies.

What are the connotations of lazy relaxed determined stubborn drug remedy clever sneaky pretty gorgeous grand large old antique curious nosy make create weird unique criticize snooty refined?

They are synonym pairs.

What is the plural of remedy?

The plural form of remedy is remedies.