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Q: Is remixing a good trend in music?
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What is the duration of The Music Trend?

The duration of The Music Trend is 1.17 hours.

When did The Music Trend end?

The Music Trend ended on 1993-10-17.

When was The Music Trend created?

The Music Trend was created on 1991-12-15.

Is Dr Dre better than eminem?

No eminem is better lyrically and can spit betterDr. dre is better producing and remixing music

Can you get a Copyright Strike on YouTube when remixing or editing a song?

No remixing and editing is fine. It just cannot be the actual song that you are playing

Which is the trend music now?

a mix of modderm and old

Who is lipso-d?

Lipso-D is a versatile music producer from Cambridge, United Kingdom. He is the heart of a music production team named "Essence Crew". Well known for remixing major hip-hop names in the game.

What has the author Eliot Van Buskirk written?

Eliot Van Buskirk has written: 'Burning down the house' -- subject(s): Computer sound processing, Data processing, Music, Music and technology, Remixing, Sound recordings

Is traktor the best software for mixing?

No it is not. Traktor is meant to be a live performance tool, not a mixing tool. If you mean remixing, it is on of the better live remixing tools, but if you are going for mixing/remixing, I would highly recommend: Ableton Live, Logic, Fruity Loops, or Cubase.

What is a good free remixing program?

You can try:Audacity- A Free Audio Editor. Express- Another Free Audio Editor but also can be used to create your own music using the loops the website provides. you like them

Where do you get the information of latex fashion?

Latex fashion is the trend! Especially combination of latex and music is becoming the recent trend!

What year did Moderat form?

Moderat is an electronic music trend that came out of Berlin Germany. This music trend started with a single in 2002 and after 7 years the whole album was released.