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RETAIL sector comprise of sales of goods or services to the end user. as such it is a service sector which connotes a service function in terms of distributing goods and services to end-user.

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Q: Is retail sector coming under service sector or not?
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What sector does tesco operate under?

Private sector - Retail/warehouse

Internet banking comes under which sector?

service sector (tertiary sector)

What economic sector does psychology fall under?

the service sector also known as the tertiary sector of the economy

What does Fishing go under Primary Sector Secondary Sector or Tertiary Sector?

Fishing goes under the Primary sector, whereas fishmongers goes under Tertiary Sector. :)

What is organised sector?

The sector,which is registered ,follows Govt. rules n regulations,have employees n employers union is called organised sector.The company form of business comes under organised sector.The private retail business is called un organised sector.Reliance retail is in organised sector,as it is in a company form n registered.

What are the topics coming under service marketing?

topics of service marketing for research or paper work.

Is Information Technology a commodity?

Information Technology is not a commodity. Information Technology is a service and that is why in some global stock indexes, IT stocks are classified under the service sector.

What are primary secondary and tertiary sectors?

Primary sector is the sector from which we directly get or drive something from nature.When we convert natural products into final goods it comes under secondary sector.when we provide service like selling the good it is tertiary sector.

What is sector eleven?

Sector Eleven is a outsourcing company under KazTrix Software.

Is public sector is more lawful than private sector?

Let's put it this way, the public sector is under WAY more scrutiny than the private sector is.

Iwant do electricla Diplom under kalinga university under coresspondence in valid for get job under Indian govtIn public sector or abord you are working in the hospility sectot?

I want do electrical Diploma under kalinga university under correspondences in valid for get job under Indian govt In public sector or aboard you are working in the hospitality sector?

Why is primary sector also called agricultural sector?

Because it involves the activity which comes under actriculture

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