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No hes a Luchador (Mexican wrestler)

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โˆ™ 2011-03-15 20:26:29
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Q: Is rey mysterio a solder
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Is rey mysterio jr rey mysterio?

No Rey Mysterio Jr. is not Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio is the one who trained rey mysterio Jr. Rey Mysterio is rey myserio Jr.'s uncle You are partly right in that Rey Mysterio, Sr. did train Rey Mysterio, Jr. BUT Rey Mysterio, Jr. has dropped the Jr. off of his name is known as Rey Mysterio. So in that regard you are wrong.

Is rey mysterio jr related to rey mysterio senior?

Rey Mysterio sr is Rey Mysterio jr's uncle.

Did Rey Mysterio jr train Rey Mysterio?

Yes, Rey Mysterio Sr. is his uncle and was the one that trained him.Rey Mysterio Jr. is Rey Mysterio.

Who trained rey mysterio?

Rey Mysterio was trained by his dad Rey Mysterio Snr.

Who is Rey Mysterio Jr?

Rey Mysterio Jr. is now called Rey Mysterio and if you want his real name, then go to and type Rey Mysterio. It has everything u need to know about Rey Mysterio.

What nationality is rey mysterio?

Rey Mysterio Is Mexican

Is rey mysterio rey mysterio jr?


What is rey mysterio's religion?

Rey Mysterio is Catholic!

Is rey mysterio awesome?

Rey Mysterio is awesome

Where can one watch videos of Rey Mysterio?

You can find videos of Rey Mysterio on the WWA website. YouTube also has a selection of Rey Mysterio's videos on their site. ESPN also has videos of Rey Mysterio.

Does rey mysterio have children?

Yes, Rey Mysterio has 2 kids.

When was Rey Mysterio born?

Rey Mysterio was born on December 11, 1974

Why does he call himself rey mysterio?

Rey Mysterio jnr. uses his wrestling name Rey Mysterio because his uncle who used the wrestling name Rey Misterio told him to .Rey Mysterio used the spelling Misterio in WCW and ECW(reffered to a rey misterio jnr) before he moved to WWE and changed his name to Rey Mysterio.

What is Rey Mysterio's Email?

Rey Mysterio doesn't have an email

Is rey mysterio cool?

Of Course Rey Mysterio is cool

Who is better jack swagger or rey mysterio?

rey mysterio

What are Rey Mysterio's Parents names?

Who are Rey Mysterio's parent's

How small is Rey Mysterio?

Rey Mysterio is 5-7

Chat com rey mysterio?

oi rey mysterio ?

Who is better AJ Styles Or Rey Mysterio?

Rey Mysterio

Who is shorter Rey Mysterio or Evan Bourne?

rey mysterio

Who is better Rey mysterio or Mark Henry?

Rey Mysterio

Who is better john morrison or rey mysterio?

rey mysterio

Why isn't rey mysterio Christian?

Rey Mysterio is a Christian

Who did Rey Mysterio marry?

Rey Mysterio married to Angie Gutiรฉrrez in 1996