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Rides is one syllable.

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Q: Is rides one or two syllables?
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Is memory one or two syllables?

Memory is not one or two syllables; it is three syllables.

Is valid one syllable or two syllables?

Two syllables

Can squirrels have one or two syllables?

"Squirrels" has two syllables. It is frequently pronounced with one, but it has two.

Is fate one or two syllables?

How many syllables is your name?

How many syllables does brother have?

There are two syllables in 'brother'. Bro-ther.

Is meant one syllable word?

A one syllable word only has one syllable. For examples, consider the differences between these words for syllable counts:on (one syllable), versus onward (two syllables)up (one syllable), versus upward (two syllables)two one syllable), versus twofold (two syllables)to (one syllable), versus toward (two syllables)house (one syllable), versus household (two syllables)store (one syllable), versus storeroom (two syllables)mail (one syllable), versus mailbox (two syllables)

How many syllables does 'because 'have and which one?

There are two syllables. Be-cause.

How many syllables in hurtful?

Hurtful has two syllables.

How many syllables in the word wanted?

Two syllables.

Is trying one or two syllables?

The word trying has two syllables. (try-ing)

Is the word flower one syllable or two syllables?

Two syllables. Flow-er.

How many syllables does wakes have?

The word waking has two syllables. (Wak-ing)