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yes undoubtedly

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Q: Is rishi valley a top ranked school?
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What is the top ranked school to get a phlebotomy certification from in New York?

Based on an internet search the top ranked school to get your certification would come from York College.

What are the top-ranked performing arts high schools in the US?

Cincinnati school for the creative and performing arts

Is Beaconhouse school system the best school in the world?

Beaconhouse School System is one of the top ranked schools with an international footprint in 9 Countries with 794 branches worldwide.

Where can I learn to become a fashion stylist?

I would go to FIDM in New York. That is a great school for fashion and is top ranked.

What is the top dentistry school in the United States?

The UCSF School of Dentistry which is part of the University of Southern California seems to be the top school for dentistry in the United States. It has ranked highest among all US dental schools in research funding.

What is the best school of photography?

The top ranked school of photography is, "Yale University" according to US News. Other good schools are "School of the Art institute of Chicago" and "Rhode Island School of design".

Can anyone tell me about Grand Valley State University and if it's a good school?

Grand Valley State University is among the top ten.

What is the ranking of lovely professional university?

Top Magazines, Newspapers and TV Channels have considered LPU as one of the leading Universities in providing quality education and have provided good rankings to the University in various areas like placements, industry interface, infrastructure, international relations etc. Various Rankings achieved by LPU can be checked from the following link: Star News Awarded National 'Outstanding B-School - North'Award* Awarded 'B-School Leadership - National'Award* Zee News Ranked 11th Best University in Placements** Ranked 16th in providing Best Study Environment** Ranked 17th Best University(Overall) in India** ** In an exhaustive survey of 450 Indian Universities for the year 2009 - 2010 conducted by Zee News e-India Declared Best ICT Enabled University of the Year through Ministry of Communications and IT, Government of India Asia's Best B-School Awards Awarded Asia's Best Emerging B School Award Financial Express(Indian Express Group) Ranked 1st (with A++ grade)* in Infrastructurein India Ranked 2nd(with A++ grade)* Best University in North India Ranked 3rd (with A++ grade)* Best in Industry Interface Ranked 4th (with A++ grade)* Best University across India Ranked 4th(with A++ grade)* Best Placements across India Ranked 4th(with A++ grade)* in Intellectual Capital across India Ranked 4th(with A++ grade)* in International Relations * In a Comprehensive study on Universities(Established After Year 2000) Business India Ranked A++ (2nd time) Electronics For You Ranked 1st in Leading Technology Adopter Ranked 1st in Infrastructure Ranked 5th Best Private Business School in India Ranked 10th for the Best Faculty among the Business Schools of India Ranked among Top10 Universities of India in the International Exposure*** Ranked among Top-30 best Engineering Institutes/Universities in India*** *** Ranked on the basis of partnerships with foreign universities, international accreditation, number of international campuses, number of international faculty, faculty and student exchange programmes Business Digest Best University Golden Lotus Award Business & Management Chronicle Ranked A++ in All India B-School Survey Ranked among Top 10 B-Schools in North India Ranked among Top 10 Colleges in terms of Infrastructure Ranked among Top 10 Colleges in terms of Placements Ranked among Top 25 B-Schools Business Barons Ranked 1st Best University to be enrolled for further studies Click here to previous ranking Ranked 21st India's TOP B-SCHOOL Brands Click here to previous ranking Business World Ranked 14th Bestin Infrastructure and Living Experience Ranked 37th Best University Ranked 32nd Best in Pedagogy Ranked 34th Best in Intellectual Capital Ranked 44th Best in Industry Interface Times of India (Edu Times) Ranked 14th Best Private Engineering University in North Zone Ranked 16th Engineering Private University (All India) Ranked 36th Engineering University (All India) Competition Success Re (CSR) Ranked 5th Best "Engineering College of Excellence"in India. Ranked 19th Best Engineering College of India. Career 360 Ranked A++ Ranked among Top 15 B-Schools in North India Ranked 7th Best University in terms of Best Course Material Ranked 8th Best University for Examinations Conduct & Results Ranked 2nd Best University in terms of Query & Response Ranked 9th Best University in terms of Online Material, Learning & Information Ranked 11th Best University in terms of Quality of Faculty Ranked 2nd Best University in terms of Response Time & Quality Ranked 15th among Most Recommended Universities Dalal Street Journal Ranked among the top 100 India's Best Business Schools 2011by investment magazine "Dalal Street Journal" Ranked among the top 100 B- Schools of India by investment magazine "Dalal Street Journal" Ranked among the top 15 Engineering Instituteof India The Sunday Indian Ranked among Top 10 Universities in India Ranked among the Top 5 BCA Colleges in India Ranked among the Top 15 BBA Colleges in India Ranked 36th Best B-School of India Business and Economy Ranked 36th Best B-School of India 4 Ps Ranked 36th Best B-School of India Ranked 3rd among Power Private Universities The Week Ranked among Top 15 B-Schools in North India Ranked the Top Institute in Health Care(for BPT, MPT) Just Careers Ranked 24th for providing Industry Integrated Programs Ranked 30th Best B-School of India. Bhaskar Lakshay Ranked 13th Best Private B-Schools in India Ranked among Top-30 best B-Schools in India M.Y.O.D. Ranked among Top 50 B-Schools in India* * An Exclusive Survey conducted by Indian Council for Market Research (ICMR) & popular youth Magazine- M.Y.O.D Outlook Ranked among top 75 Management Schools in India Silicon India Ranked 18th among Top 50 MCA Colleges in India Ranked 3rd among Top 10 MCA Colleges in North India

What school in Texas have the best ranking?

Yes, there is ranks between schools in Texas, like many other schools in the U.S. The top ranked school in Texas this year is Bradford Elementary School.

What are the 2 top-ranked Nutritionist Schools in the United States?

University of Chicago and Cornell University are the two top-ranked programs.

Where is Timpanogos High School located?

Timpangos High School is located in Utah. The address of the high school is 1450 N 200 E, Orem, Utah 84057. This high school was ranked in the top 6 in the nation.

Is scindia will be good school than lamartiniere college lucknow?

, hi i think the scindia school is much better than lamartnier school and i think you school compare scindia school with some top 5 school,because it is more popular and more good and it is ranked in top 5 schools in india............... thanks,