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Is rock band's bass guitar compatible with Guitar Hero?

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Is Guitar Hero 3 guitar compatible with Guitar Hero 2 on xbox?

Yes. The Guitar is compatible with both guitar hero 2 and 3. Also, the guitar hero guitar on xbox 360 is compatible with rock band for xbox 360.

Is guitar hero 3 compatible for guitar hero 4?

The Guitar Hero III guitar is completely compatible with Guitar Hero: World Tour provided you're still using it with the Wii.

Does a Guitar Hero 5 guitar work on Guitar Hero 3?

Yes, all Guitar Hero guitars are compatible with every guitar hero.

Can you use Guitar Hero 4 instruments with Guitar Hero 5?

Yes any guitar is compatible with Guitar Hero

Guitar hero 3 guitar Guitar Hero 5?

Yes they are 100% compatible.

What is the guitar in The Network?

es, all Guitar Hero guitars are compatible with every guitar hero.

Can you plug a gh3 guitar to Guitar Hero world tour?

All guitar hero controllers are compatible with every guitar hero game

Is Guitar Hero 2 Compatible With Guitar Hero 3?

Yes. all guitar hero guitars should work.

Can you play rock band guitar on Guitar Hero 3?

No, the Rock Band Stratocaster is not compatible with Guitar Hero II or Guitar Hero III.

Will the Wii Guitar Hero III controller be compatible with the Wii versions of Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Guitar Hero IV?

It is compatible with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Guitar Hero: World Tour. Yeah, they use the same exact controller. The Aerosmith one just has a different faceplate

Do the Guitar Hero drums work with the Wii Guitar Hero 5?

Yes they do. I have Guitar Hero 5 for the wii and the drumset is fully compatible with newer guitar hero games just remember that the bass pedal is clear now not purple. The Drumset is fully compatible with Guitar Hero Smash Hits Guitar Hero 5 Band Hero

How do you use the guitar from Guitar Hero on the Wii for the 2nd guitar on the new Rock Band for Wii?

The Guitar Hero 3 guitar is not compatible with Rock Band on the Wii. And the Rock Band guitar is not compatible with Guitar Hero 3. You can try anyways but I'm pretty sure they don't work.

Is the Wii Guitar Hero III controller compatible with rock band track pack volume 1?

yes.. guitar hero guitars are compatible with all games that require a guitar like that.. same with rock band. it is compatible with guitar hero. and others

Does Guitar Hero band work on band hero?

All Guitar Hero Instrument are compatible with Band Hero.

Are Guitar Hero 4 guitars compatible with Guitar Hero 3?

Yes the guitar hero world tour (4) controller will work with guitar hero 3 on any system

I have Guitar Hero guitar what other games are compatible with them?

All guitar hero games and all rock band games!

Will the Kramer wilreless guitar work with Guitar Hero 1 on ps2?

Yes they are compatible with any Guitar Hero game

Will Guitar Hero 2 controller be compatible with Guitar Hero metallica on xbox 360?

Yes any controller is compatible with any Guitar Hero Game plus Rock Band 2

Will the Guitar Hero 3 guitar work on Guitar Hero 4?

Guitar Hero 4 will be compatible with any controller from previous ones as long as the controller is from the same system.

Will band hero guitar work on Guitar Hero?

Yes, all Activision Music/Guitar hero instruments are compatible with other Activision Music/Guitar Hero games on the same system.

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