German measles (rubella)

Is rubella a latent viruse?


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No, it is not. However, congenital rubella syndrome is. This occurs when a pregnant woman contracts rubella early on in her pregnancy. The rubella may or may not affect the infant.


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a full frome a viruse is just a computer viruse

Probably not. If your computer is fully protected it will tell you were you can get a viruse or not when your on that website.

Can you give rubella vaccine to positive rubella patient?

Rubella is a disease caused by the rubella virus. The name "rubella" is derived from the Latin, meaning "little red."

yes it can because its not as small as a viruse and you cant see a viruse with a compound microscope

rubella is caused by a virus.

nursing diagnosis for rubella

Rubella, also called German Measles, is caused by a the Rubella virus of the genus Rubivirus.

MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, and rubella) is the vaccine used to prevent rubella.

you can get the mmr vacsination (measles,mumps and rubella)

There is, it is called mmr. It is for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella

The rubella virus. Rubella is also known as German measles as it was first described by German scientists.

No :) It is complely viruse free!

Rubella IgG is a specific antibody which our body's defenses has produced in response to a prior exposure, in this case, the virus Rubella.

Rubella virus vaccine is used to prevent rubella infection (German measles). It works by stimulating the body to produce antibodies to rubella. Rubella is a highly contagious disease that is caused by a virus. In children, the disease is usually mild with fever and a rash.

rubella is caused by a microbe called rubivirus.

Yes Rubella is a contagious disease caused by a virus.

Rubella is an infectious disease. It is not an autoimmune disease.

Yes, there is a shot for rubella. It is not that comnon to get the shot these days.

Rubella is deadly, which is why sensible people always vaccinate.

It is not a latent virus.

Latent is when something is there, but not realized; it is hidden.

No, there is no cure for Rubella infection

Rubivirus also known as Rubella virus

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