Is salt lake bible college an accredited college?

Salt Lake Bible College is accredited by the BSAA (Baptist Schools Accrediting Association) which is an accrediting association for fundamental Bible Schools operating as a division of The Foundation for Biblical Studies. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity and is a registered tax exempt entity.

No private schools can be accredited by the Federal Government; therefore, private accrediting associations are needed to guarantee that the private school offers a credible degree. BSAA accredits only those schools that offer a quality, bible-based, religious education. The degrees from the schools accredited by the association, such as Salt Lake Bible College, have been recognized in the field of religion by the governments of 75 different countries. Some US states have also recognized their degrees when hiring for various positions. All states differ so it is recommended that students check with their state government to see if the degree will be recognized to qualify for the job for which they are applying. Salt Lake Bible College is also recognized by the Utah Education Network, with whom it is registered as a private college in the state of Utah.

Salt Lake Bible College and its parent institution, Salt Lake Baptist College, currently have 20 Extension Campuses worldwide; through whom 3,000 students are being trained, on-campus and online, and those students are in turn training more than 25,000 students using material from the online college.