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Salt is the same thing as sodium chloride

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Salt, table salt or sea salt is sodium chloride.

They are the same thing. sodium chloride is the chemical name for the substance commonly called salt.

Chemically they are both sodium chloride although some curing salts are a mixture of sodium nitrate and sodium chloride.

Yes - sodium chloride, NaCl.

No, salt is not the same as sodium. Salt is sodium chloride, not just sodium by itself.

The common name for Sodium Chloride is table salt. But salt and Sodium are not the same thing. There is no real "common" name for Sodium itself, but I assume you mean Sodium Chloride.

Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is common table salt.No. Sodium bicarbonate is an active ingredient in most antacids.

yes, common table salt is sodium chloride.

No. Salt is sodium chloride (NaCl), a chemical compound. Iodine is a chemical element (I).

Yes, cooking salt = table salt = rock salt = salt = halite = sodium chloride = NaCl

Sodium chloride is not alum salt.

Is Benzalkonium Chloride the same thing as Sodium Benzoate? I am allergic to Sodium Benzoate.

Yes, if you think to sodium chloride.

They are both sodium chloride.

No, not even similar. Sodium chloride is common salt. Sterile water is water that has been totally purified.

No, they are not the same thing. Elemental sodium (Na) is a soft silvery metal that violently burns up when water touches it. Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is the scientific name for table salt - the same stuff you put on food.

Salt (table salt, rock salt, halite) is sodium chloride, NaCl. Salt added on the roads during the winter is generally also sodium chloride but calcium chloride may be used.

Sodium chloride is also called common salt. It is the same salt you find in the kitchen and put in your food.

No. While chemically sodium nitrite is a salt, the salt you eat, table salt, is sodium chloride.

Table salt refers to sodium chloride. While in everyday terms the term salt refers to the same thing, in chemical terms salt can refer to almost any ionic compound of which sodium chloride is just one of many.

Not really. Sulfates are soaps and sodium chloride is salt.

Potassium chloride is a salt and tastes almost the same as sodium chloride, so it is frequently used as a salt substitute in low sodium diets.

Both are sodium chloride, NaCl.

No. Salt is a compound Sodium chloride Potassium is an element

Absolutely Not! Sodium chloride is table salt, a crystalline solid; sodium is a highly reactive metal.

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