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The legality of saliva depends on where you live. Salvia is legal in some states in the U.S. while illegal in others.

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Is salvia divinorum illegal?

Salvia Divinorum is legal almost everywhere like such as.

Is salvia illegal in California?

No it's not.

Is salvia illegal in Singapore?

Salvia is an ornamental plant belonging to the family Labiatae. There is no reason to declare such a beautiful plant as illegal in Singapore.

Where can you buy salvia divinorium or salvia extracts in Missouri?

Salvia is illegal in Missouri but some online vendors will likely ship it to you.

Is salvia divinorum illegal in the military?

Yes it's illegal on the US militia.

Can you have salvia shipped to Illinois?

Salvia divinorum is a scheduled (illegal) substance in Illinois. Unless a vendor was willing to break the law, you cannot have Salvia shipped to that state.

Is salvia illegal Washington?

Currently, Washington State does not have a law of classification for the possession, consumption, or sale of Salvia Divinorum.

Is salvia an opiate?

No, opiates are illegal. Salvia Divinorum is in the same family as mint and sage. It is completely legal, for the time being.

Is Salvia divinorum an illegal drug?

The legality of Salvia divinorum varies. In some states (and countries) it is legal while in others it is not.

Is salvia illegal to smoke in New York?

No. Salvia is currently fully legal in New York State. For more information on the legal status of salvia divinorum, see the Related Links below.

Is salvia illegal in Florida?

As of July 1, 2008, Salvia Divinorum, as well as its main psychoactive ingredient, Salvinorin A, are Schedule I Controlled Substances.

Is growing Salvia illegal in Maryland?

Maryland is Illegal to Grow or Sell, but Legal to Possess. This made it illegal to traffic the herb or grow the plant.

Is it illegal to but marijuana over internet?

Yeah, obviously. But if your on one of those legal buds sites it could be salvia, and salvia is legal. Just find a dealer

Now that mushrooms are illegal in Amsterdam what is an equivalent legal substance in May 2010?


Is it illegal to send snus to England?

It is not illegal to buy or to consume snus in the UK but it is illegal to sell it

What smoke shops in Louisiana sell salvia?

none- it is illegal in Louisiana. go to Texas to get some.

Why is salvia becoming illegal?

Because of the effects it has on many people, and the fact that it is being increasingly "abused."

What are drugs belong to illegal?

All drugs are illegal other then alchool, caffine & tobacco. & savliea.... Salvia is a holucingentic drug. It is not illegal. The trip lasts about 10- 20 mintues .

Can you buy salvia in Oshkosh Wisconsin?

I believe so. Salvia divinorum is only illegal in the following U.S. states: Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, and Virginia. In Louisiana, North Carolina, and Tennessee, it is only illegal if intended for human consumption, and in California and Maine, it is illegal for minors, but not for adults. For more information about salvia divinorum, see the Related Link below.

What does salvia the drug do to you?

Salvia is not an illegal drug. It supposively makes you extremely chill or happy depending on the person for about 5 minutes, most people laugh for no reason, and some people even hullucinate

Is salvia illigal?

Having salavia is not illegal, although spitting in the streets is and you could get a ticket for at least $25.00.

Where do you get salvia in Oklahoma?

i live in Oklahoma where its illegal and its BS. just order it off the internet. get the 40x. its the best.

Is salvia divinorum legal in Louisiana?

It is legal to own the plant, but illegal to sell or distribute for personal use.

Is salvia illegal?

depends on where your living! I know that its legal in Canada for sure because its sold as "incense" and not meant for smoking.

Is shrooms illegal in Canada?

Yes. Salvia and Medical Marijuana are pretty much the only legal drugs here.