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Q: Is saying 'White people don't care about you a racist statement?
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Is saying you love being white a racist statement?

That cannot be a racist statement if you are white. It is just stating a feeling, not a racist comment.

Is saying white people makes more then black people racist?


Is saying African American people are black racist?

No. Saying someone is a "white female" or a "black male," for example, is not racist.

Does Kanye West hate white people?

He has been quoted saying some.. not racist, but very demeaning things about white people.

Is plan b racist?

Depsite Rosie's allegations, Plan B AKA Den Drew is white. Not racist. Saying Plan B is racist is like saying Eminem is racist.

What is a white racist?

It depends on how one uses the term "white racist". To some, white racist is someone who is white and they are also racist. To others, however, a white racist is someone who is racist exclusively towards white people.

Is Tom Joyner racist?

Sometimes to white people he makes racist jokes and it does offend both black people and white people so yes he is racist.

Is calling people black racist?

Well, I don't see the problem with it since they call white people "white." But don't go around saying it just cuz.

Why are black people allowed to be racist to white people?

Some Black people hold the belief that they were once slaves to the current generation of White people, so they believe that their ancestors have given them the ability to be racist to white folks who have done nothing to them.

Is Philadelphia racist?

Against white people.

Do people think the white iPhone 4S is racist?

It is not possible for an inanimate object to be racist.

What is the role of racism in slavery?

its exactly that. slavery is racist, getting African-American people to work for white people, being owned by white people..... that's racist!