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Is saying i love you in my own little way another way of saying i love you?


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I guess,...yeah!


It sure is !

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Anyhow, Besides. I hoped that helped a little. There arn't that many ways.The word has it's own meaning. You can't change it.

It's another way of saying mind your own business.

Yes with a little love.

Medea killed her children when Jason fell in love with another woman.

That depends totally on how you feels towards him. "True Love" is much more involved than just saying the 3 little words. Although in your case it sounds like he has very strong feelings towards you and that is his way of saying he loves you. Each individual couple has their own way of showing and depicting "love" you will find yours.

you might haf=ve to work it out or do something... maybe get another person you love?

Hug Kiss Being romantic also depends who are you saying i love you too. if it is a girl bring her flowers write her a poem,don't make it corny. if it is a boy just express it in your own way.

No. Friends have their own value & love has their own you can not compare each other. If you do you will get stuck or mad. Both have their own value. A friend plays a different role in life from a lover, so can't compare each other. Of course, it can be argued that love is really just another type of friendship, or that friendship is just another type of love.

There are no specific reasons why as the person loving another have their own personal reasons why they love someone.

Emotional love is when you care for another person's well being, and depending on how deep the love, you will put that person's welfare above your own.

To make a long story short is a saying during a potentially long story. To the victor go the spoils is a saying. To each his own is another phrase.

My guess is as good as yours but he and Renesmee are probley living in there own little house with a kid of the own and as in love as ever

Yer ain wee hoose is the Scottish way of saying, "Your own little house."

This isn't even a question? Answer This means when you love someone you are not happy unless the one you love is happy.

it showes how they love each other and how to have some love for one to another in their own life styel

They love to eat their own food but only give them one or two as a light snack. They love to eat cheese, apples, and carrots.

"I've" means "I have." This can mean that you own or possess something. Another way of saying that would be that you get hold of, or get your hands on something.

There is no other way! In many ways is for its own self!A2 Severally would be one usage, and in order or in their turn would be others.

Of course you can. Don't ever let anybody tell you that you're not in love; the only yardstick against which they can judge it is their own experience, and nobody can explain how love feels for another person. If you think you're in love, you are: these are your own feelings. Best of luck with your romantic endeavours!

Leftovers of your own meat - Chicken, beef, lamb, rabbit,venison. The little mutt will love it!

Yes it is very good. I have my own WEBKINZ account and I love it!

Why should you do anything? A person's love life is their own business.

Cussing: An odd or perverse person or creature.Can we all feel good about ourselves saying that an odd person is wrong? Maybe the person saying another is odd has issues of their own! Think about that!

The old answer was pretty much saying love who you are... which you SHOULD..... but that ain't the question. The ANSWER is..... No... Not really...... it's HALF impossible... ~Ashleyyy <3

its what we do :) my sisters and i we usually fight cause we want it our own way or its a way of bonding and saying i love you

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