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I guess,...yeah!


It sure is !

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Q: Is saying i love you in my own little way another way of saying i love you?
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What is another way of saying anyway?

Anyhow, Besides. I hoped that helped a little. There arn't that many ways.The word has it's own meaning. You can't change it.

What does mind your own bees wax mean?

It's another way of saying mind your own business.

Can a pet rat live on its own?

Yes with a little love.

Whats Another Way of saying seeing thing your way in your own prospective?


Who killed her own children when Jason fell in love with another woman?

Medea killed her children when Jason fell in love with another woman.

When a man tells you how much he loves you and want just to hold you and wants you to love him is it true love?

That depends totally on how you feels towards him. "True Love" is much more involved than just saying the 3 little words. Although in your case it sounds like he has very strong feelings towards you and that is his way of saying he loves you. Each individual couple has their own way of showing and depicting "love" you will find yours.

How if your own best friend love a person who you love and he love her also?

you might haf=ve to work it out or do something... maybe get another person you love?

What are the ten ways of saying i love you?

Hug Kiss Being romantic also depends who are you saying i love you too. if it is a girl bring her flowers write her a poem,don't make it corny. if it is a boy just express it in your own way.

What is another way of saying that some people hear a different drummer?

some people fallow their own believes

What is another way of saying some people hear a different drummer?

some people fallow their own believes

Why a guy should love a girl?

There are no specific reasons why as the person loving another have their own personal reasons why they love someone.

What is emotional love?

Emotional love is when you care for another person's well being, and depending on how deep the love, you will put that person's welfare above your own.

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