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It is mac but in some situations it is changed to mhac. My son = mo mhac.

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Q: Is scottish Gaelic for son mac or mhac?
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What is the Scottish Gaelic for son of Scotland?

In Irish, mo chuid mac. In (Scottish) Gaelic: ??

What is the Scottish Gaelic for 'your Son'?

Do mhac

What is Gaelic for your son?

In Irish and Scottish Gaelic it's "do mhac"

What is the Scottish Gaelic for Scottish son?

It is mac in Scottish Gaelic.

How do you say i love you son in Gaelic?

In Irish it's "Tá grá agam do mo chlann mhac"

How do you day son in Scottish Gaelic?

Latha na màthraichean

How do you write son in Gaelic?

mac in Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

What is the Scottish Gaelic word for son?


What is the Gaelic son?

'Son' is mac in both the Irish language and the Scottish Gaelic language.

What is Gaelic for the king's son?

MAC AN RÍ (Irish); MAC AN RIGH (Scottish)

What is the Irish for 'your son'?

'Do mhac' (singular); 'bhur mac' (plural)

How do you spell Taylor in Gaelic?

The surname 'Taylor' is spelled Mac an Tàilleir in Scottish Gaelic, and translates as 'son of the tailor'.