Is scourge coming back

Updated: 12/23/2022
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No. Why would scourge come back? He's dead. He might be a dark forest warrior though but I'm not sure.

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Q: Is scourge coming back
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Is Scourge the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog's brother?

Scourge is a character from the comics back in the 90's

When is cats of the clans and the rise of scourge in the warriors sires coming out?

They already came out...

Does scourge ever kidnap Amy in any sonic series?

scourge kidnapps amy story: Scourge: *paints self blue and paints scars to cover them* Scourge: im coming for you babe. Scourge: *grabs amy and takes her to his castle* Amy: HUH? Y-YOUR NOT SONIC! Scourge: Right again babe Amy: *trys to run* Scourge: *grabs amy and pins her to ground* Amy: STOP! Scourge: *goes ontop of amy* Amy: *tries pushing scourge off* Scourge: *stays on her and r@pes her* Amy: S-STOP! Scourge: *smirks and kisses her* Find out rest in the other story!

What is the name of scourge's mate?

Snowshade after he died a she cat named snowshade brought him back to life and scourge saw her and then she joined bloodclan scourge later ask her if she would be her mate and she said yes also they have that on YouTube Snowshade x Scourge

What does scourge?

scourge is to whip.

What is a sentence with the word scourge?

That dastardly pirate was the scourge of the seven seas.

What clan does Scourge belong to?

Scourge first lived in the Twolegplace (Twoleg neghborhood) but then he got his friends/servants to raid into the forest along with Tigerstar's help and called themselves BloodClan. Then, Scourge back-stabbed Tigerstar and ripped him apart along his underbelly, and then Firestar attacked, Scourge died, all the BloodClan warriors retreated to the Twolegplace.

What is a sentence using the word scourge?

i was canned with a Scourge. scourge is used to whip animals.

What does scourge mean?

scourge is to whip.

What is a scourge?

Scourge- A cause of affliction or calamity.

Is scourge a boy?

Scourge Is a male cat

Did scourge kill firestar?

Yes. Firestar led the clans into a battle against bloodclan, and eventully he found scourge. they fought and scourge took firestar's first life, but after he lost that life he was almost stronger than ever and he killed scourge. Bloodclan left and the forest was back to normal! Yeah, After Scourge killed Tigerstar he told the clans that if they didn't leave in three days that he would kill them all. When the battle came into place Firestar was chosen from the leaders to speak for them and they met Bloodclan then the battle began. Firestar ran for Scourge but was knocked over by a big tom. By the time Firestar got the tom off of him Scourge was no where to be seen. He finally found him clawing Onewhisker he hissed at Scourge and ran at him. Scourge leaped at him and Firestar pinned him down but before he could bite down Scourge raked his claws (renforced with dog teeth) down Firestar's shoulder and then hit Firestar in the head with his paw and claimed Firestar's first life. When he woke up right in front of him was Cloudtail biting Scourge's back right leg and Scourge was biting down on his neck and raking his claws down his side. Finally Cloudtail was knocked off into the great rock and Firestar and Scourge stated their own little battle.(May I reming you Firestar is Scourge's BROTHER!) After Firestar kills Scourge the Bloodclan cats ran.