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No, it is not. In basic physics, torque is equal to force multipled (cross multiplication in vector terms) by distance (the moment arm).

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Is a screwdriver a lever yes or no?

A lever works on the principle of using torque. A screw driver is used as a lever because the relatively broader handle produces much more torque for the same force as compared to the narrower blade of the screw driver.

Why does a screwdriver allow you to turn a screw you couldn't turn by hand?

A screwdriver allows you to exert more torque on a screw. Torque is defined as the product of the force exerted and the distance from the center of rotation. Torque is essentially a rotational force. It is simple to increase torque, simply increase the distance from the center that the force is being applied, and there is greater torque without increasing your effort. The handle is made to be wide, so that a greater torque can be exerted. It is also much easier to grip a screwdriver than it is to grip a screw. That also plays a factor.

Why is jack screw provided with a long arm?

moment of force (torque) i.e. the turning effect of a body(here,screw jack)= force applied X perpendicular distance of force from the axis of rotation. so in order to produce maximum turning effect of the screw jack by a force, the force is applied at a point on the body for which the distance from the axis is maximum so that the given force provides maximum torque to turn the screw jack. Thus,the screw jack is provided with a long arm.

What do you understand by torque?

Torque is the rotational effect of a force. It plays the same role in rotational motion as force plays in translational motion.

What is the difference between torque and couple?

The turning effect of a force is called torque or moment of the force. SI unit of torque is Newton-Metre. T = FL i.e Torque = Force x Moment arm A couple is formed by two unlike parallel forces of the same magnitude but not along the same line.

What is the equation for torque?

Generally, [torque] = [radius] cross [force] in which torque, radius, and force are vectors. In the simplified case that radius and force vectors are in the same plane, the simplification of cross product can be used: torque = radius*force*sin[angle from radius to force] in which r = [magnitude of vector r]. In this simple case, the torque vector is still perpendicular to the plane in which the radius and force vectors lie. If the torque is in the positive radial direction, the torque vector points out of the page (toward you). If the torque is in the negative radial direction, the torque vector points into the page (away from you).

How may the torque of a given force be increased?

By applying the same force farther from the center of rotation.

How is torque different from a force?

Torque is basically the equivalent of a force, for rotational movement. It always involves a force, but torque also depends on how far you push or pull, from the axis of rotation. A torque has units of force x distance (for example, in SI units, newton x meters). Thus, a force of 100 N at 1 meter from the axis of rotation (100 N-m) has the same effect (the same torque) as a force of 50 N at 2 meter (also 100 N-m).

How do you find torque of screw Jack?

Screw Jack torque formula: T=9550*P/R T: torque , N.m P: power , KW R: rpm Screw Jack Can be operated by electrically or manually.

Why it is easier to turn a nut if spanner have large handle?

Torque = force x distance (from the axis of rotation). With a larger handle, you need less force to get the same torque.

Where is the torque screw on my chevy truck?

Give us more info like the year, model, engine and define "torque screw".

Does torque and work are equivalent?

Though torque and work has the same unit N m, we cannot say that they are equivalent. Torque is moment of the force about a fixed point or line. But work is said to be done as the point of application of the force gets displaced. In case of torque we have to multiply force and perpendicular distance. But in case of work, we multiply force and the component of displacement in the direction of the force Torque is a vector quantity where as work is a scalar quantity.

When measuring torque is a two foot-pound measurement the equivalent of two pounds of force applied one foot from the pivot point or one pound of force two feet from the pivot point?

The way torque works, these two cases give the same torque, or twisting force, to the object at the pivot point. To find the torque applied, multiply the force by the distance. Obviously this is the same in the two cases you describe.

How do you compute the torque exerted by a force?

Torque is Force you silly duffa

What does a screw do to the force you apply?

As you turn a screw with a screwdriver, the screw pushes into the material. Its a rotational force converting into a lateral or sideways force.

Which is greater the Torque of the engine or the Torque of the wheels in order for the car to move?

The torque would be the same, as torque measures the rotational force between the two objects, not necessarily the output at either end.

What is a torque transducer?

A transducer is an electronic device that measures something -- voltage, temperature or in this case torque. Torque is the force applied to twist something, like the twisting one does to tighten a screw, bolt or jar lid. So, a torque transducer is an electronic device that measures the amount of torque being applied to something.

What is the torque force if you are turning a wrench that is 55cm long and you are using 15N of force?

torque = force * lever length torque = 15 * 55 torque = 825 n-cms

What do you call the turning effect of a force?

torque. Torque = force * moment arm

How does torque differ from force?

The term "torque" is used specifically for circular motion. For a difference, torque and force have different dimensions. Torque has the dimensions of force x distance. This is because you can increase the torque both by applying more force, or by increasing distance from the axis of rotation, of the position where the force is applied.

What is the differnce between torque and work?

Torque is rotational force, while work is energy transferred between objects. For example, a screw experiences mostly torque as you twist it around its axis, while a nail experiences mostly work as it is driven straight into the wood.

Can a torque be balanced by a single force?

The effect of a torque is to produce angular acceleration and that of the force is to produce linear acceleration. Since the effects of both torque and force are entirely different, therefore, a torque cannot be balanced by a single force.

Difference between torque and moment?

Torque is a movement force. Moment is a static force.Torque is often presented as Nm/revolution and moment is typically presented as Nm.The words "torque" and "moment" (of force) mean the same.However, "torque" tends to be used when there is an axle or pivot to be turned around, while "moment" tends to be used in essentially non-rotational situations, such as analysis of forces on a beam.

Is torque a true force?

Torque is the combination of perpendicular distance and weight; it is not a true force

What does a machine not do multiply force multiply energy change direction of a force or work?

Does not multiply energy. Work done or energy used (force * distance) remains the same at both ends. Force or torque can be increased or decreased depending on mechanical advantage. It can change the direction of the force or torque.