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Is season 8 out yet of One Tree Hill?

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Yes, season 8 is out of One Tree Hill. Please click on the link below to watch season 1-8 for free.

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no not yet but once the season is finished they will release one

One Tree Hill has not yet been approved for an 8th season, however it hasn't been said that there will not be one.

No, it was just announced that they will continue with a season 8. The date is not yet set

Nobody knows yet because of the writers' strike

lucas and Peyton might be coming back for the 8th season of one tree hill. But they are not totally sure yet i hope they come back i love them ! :)

yes, on E4 they haven't said when yet but it is rumoured to be soon

not yet, the season 6 finale was on yesterday so the boxset should be out within the next couple months. It should be out by the end of August which is when season 7 starts.

One tree hill season six release date hasn't got a release date yet. Usually a season will be released around 2 or 3 months after it is released in the states, it was released on the 25th of August 2009 in America, so it should be out here soon :)

Because you haven't took it home yet.

There is currently 8 seasons of One Tree Hill out in America, the eight is still being show on the CW. Seasons 1-7 are on DVD. In the UK, season 1-7 are on DVD too. Season 8 is still being shown on TV, so it is not available to buy on DVD yet. Season eight is going to be shown on E4 soon. It will be shown once the 90210 is finished on E4. There will hopefully be a ninth season.

They haven't confirmed it yet. Probably July/August 09. They haven't filmed it yet. The director needs comfirmation from the cast if they want to continue.It has been confirmed, and is planned to start on the 14th of September.

mark schwan has rerun the lisence/contract for the show, but the actors have yet to sign up for it. Sophia bush and chad Michael Murray [brooke and lucas] are unsure about whether they want to sign up.but they definitely should!they are sooooooooooooooooooo cool!yes they are having a 7th season of one tree hill but Peyton and lucas will not be returning....and yes they will have a happy ending at the end of season 6 including a marriage!! I love one tree and i cant live without it so i am happy they are having another tree hill is the best show everrrrrr:) i am really sad that lucas and Peyton wont be on the seventh season though. i think that without them it will ruin the show. they should deffinetly remain on the show! they just got married and had a kid they cant just leave the show! i think that if they don't return to the show, one tree hill will end up like the oc without marrisa. fans will deffinetly lose intrest quickly without them!!!:(

as of yet, no. there is a chance it might happen in future episodes, though. no she cant get pregnant

There have been rumours going round that Peyton sawyer will leave one tree hill in season 7. Hallarie Burton the actress who plays Peyton quotes " I just want everyone to know how much i love Peyton sawyer and my crew. And I've had a really good run and i wish i had creative controll over the show you guys but i don't." That speaks for itself really, i doubt very much she will be back in season 7. They will probably kill her off, but how is un known yet.

they are either dead because its not their season yet or in a nest in a hole or tree.

If by season 3 you mean the one after Shippuuden, then it's because season 2 hasn't finished yet.

no one knows yet they will reveal it when the season is near

no one is certain yet if they're is going to be another season of h2O. Possibly no , it is yet to be confirmed.

Maybe. No one is sure yet.

the ararr tree It actually is Għargħar Tree. Yet it is read in English as Ararr tree as the Għ is one silent letter in the Maltese language.

Nope not yet but, wait! Sooner or later there might be a second season, its just that no one knows if there'll be one, or if there is when.

Season 3 has not been filmed yet so no one will know until season 3 is aired.

Since season 6 just ended they are just starting to write season 7 so no one is sure yet