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That depends on how you are selling them as well as how you are obtaining them.

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Q: Is selling CDs illegal or legal?
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Is selling art made from legal tender illegal?

is selling art made from u.s. legal tender illegal

Is selling on streets legal?

Selling on the streets is illegal but if you have a permit then It's completely legal.

Is selling kidney legal or illegal?

yes, its 100% illegal.

Is selling blood illegal or legal?

it depends on which type of blood your selling

Why should selling illegal animals legal?

it shold never, selling any animals sould be illegal its self

Is it illegal to make videos to CDs?

Everythings legal till u get caught...

Is selling test answers legal?

Selling test answers and questions is illegal.

What is the most profitable industry in the world legal or illegal?

illegal would probably be either the selling of illegal drugs, or human trafficking.

Is it illegal to burn CDs for your friends?

Yes, it is illegal to make a copy of a C.D. for anybody but the owner. If the C.D. is not copyrighted it is legal but that's very rare

Is downloading the stuff on mediafire illegal?

yes and no, if it is illegal music or pirating things like cds,video games,programs, or movies. Otherwise it is legal

Is the drug amphetamine considered legal or illegal?

Amphetamins can be legally prescribed by doctors and distributed by pharmacies. Obtaining or selling them otherwise is illegal.

Is it illegal to burn music onto CD's?

It depends which website you got the music from. Edit: there is nothing illegal in storing information, whether it be on your hdd or a cd. However, it is illegal to download your music for free or selling the cds you burned yourself.

What activities are illlegal in Pakistan but legal in other country?

using and selling alcohol is illegal in Pakistan

When is it legal and illegal to copy cds or dvds?

It is illegal to copy CD's or DVD's when the intended purpose is to manufacture and distribute the material without consent from the owner. It is legal to make a backup copy of a CD or DVD that has been purchased for personal use.

Were can you make the most money from selling your CDs?

A place where people are willing for buying cds.

Is borrowing cds and then downloading them onto itunes illegal?

no. as long as you didnt steal the cds

Is selling great white shark teeth legal in the US?

It is officially illegal to sell real Great White teeth while selling fake is okay (:

Is it illegal to burn cds?

No, because they don't have illegal laws like a DVD does

Is it illegal to convert CDs onto mp3s?


Is it legal to burn cds?

Yes, but the content may not be legal.

Selling popular cds and dvds without the copyright holders permission is a form of?

This questions has different answers depending on the scenario.If you are selling only your original Cds & DVDs this is protected as the "right of first sale" and is perfectly legal.If you are selling copies of the originals without permission then you are infringing upon the copyright holders' right of duplication and right to control distribution.

Is it illegal to download cds from your library onto your ipod?

If you own the CDs then you can use them for your personal use on your iPod. It becomes illegal if you start distributing the music to other people.

Is it illegal to burn cds from LimeWire and do not sell in Canada?

Burning CDS off Limewire is some States in the U.S. is illegal, but not in Canada. However, in both the U.S. and Canada burning movies is illegal and called 'pirating.'

Why should organ selling be illegal?

There are those who argue that there is no way to track where the organ came from and if was obtained legally. This could result in killing people and harvesting their organs for legal selling.

Is it illegal to download movies of the internet and give it away and not selling it?

It's probably not legal but I know LOTS of people who do so

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