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Is service revenue an asset or liability?

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Services revenue is revenue same as product revenue and it is not an asset or liability of the business.

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Is revenue an asset liability or owner's equity?

sales revenue is owner's equity

How do you record unearned revenue?

Debit to Cash (asset) Credit to Unearned Revenue (Liability)

Is deferred revenue an asset?

Deferred revenue is recognized when cash received in advance for product or service that not delivered or rendered, so it's liability, once service fulfilled or product received Revenue Would be recognized Deferred revenue also Known as unearned revenue

Is unearned revenue an asset or liablility?

Unearned revenue is liability until it is earned and shown under liability side of balance sheet.

Is sales revenue an expense or asset?

Sales is a revenue not an expense or asset while difference between sales and expense is profit which is liability for business.

Are Unearned Revenue is a contra asset account?

No. It's a liability account.

What type of account is unearned service revenue?

Unearned Service Revenue is a Liability account.

Is interest income an expense asset or liability?

Interest income is part of revenue.

Would service revenue be considered an asset?

Revenue is income statement item and not a balance sheet item. Cash earned through revenue is a business asset not revenue.

What is net liability?

Asset - Liability = Net Asset / Liability * Net Asset - When Asset is more than Liability * Net Liability - When Liability is more than Asset

What are head of accounts?

There are Five heads of Accounts: Asset, Expense, Liability, Capital, Revenue.

Is Commission a revenue or an expense?

if Commission is received then it is revenue but if commission is paid then it is expense, if commission is receivable then it is asset while if it is payable then it is liability.

Is service revenue an asset account?

No, it is an owner's equity account.

Is unearned revenue considered an asset?

No it is a current liability and is not included in the Income Statement, as other revenues would be.

Prepayment from customers is it an asset or liability?

It is a liability and refundable to the customer if the merchant fails to deliver the good or service on time.

Is sales an asset quity or liabitity?

Sales is not an asset, liability or equity account rather it is a revenue account and part of income statement rather balance sheet.

Is a building considered asset liability or owners equity?

Building is an asset of business by utilizing which company earns revenue to pay all liabilities and owner's capital.

Is a trade debtors asset or liability?

yes It is an Asset, not a Liability.

How are third party adjustments to patient bills reflected in the financial statements a As an addition to revenue b As a deduction from revenue c As a liability d As an asset?


Is rent income a asset liability or owners equity?

asset liability

Is Cash an asset or liability?


Is land an asset or liability?


Is debtor an asset or liability?

It is an asset

Is debtor asset or liability?


Is equipment an asset or liability?