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Who is Sha Ruck Khan?

He is a Bollywood Actor .............. King Khan

Is shah rukh khan Muslim or Indian?

shahrukh khan is Muslim but his wife is Indian

Is Shah Rukh Khan a Muslim?

yes he is a Muslim Actor

Are shah rukh khan wife's Muslim?

no Hindu gauri khan

Shah rukh khan a sunni muslim?

yes,he is a sunni muslim

Is shahrukh khan a shia Muslim?

i think shah rukh khan is Muslim but i am not sure if he is sunni or shia

What is the cast of shahrukh khan?

Khan is the surname of Shah Rukh Khan. His caste thus can be said as Muslim. He was born in a Muslim family, that's why.

Shahrukh Khan is muslim?

Shah Rukh Khan is a Muslim. However his wife is Hindu. Her name is Gauri Khan.

Is shahrukh khan a shia?

Shah Rukh Khan is not a Shia Muslim. He is a Shunni Muslim by religion. His religion is not yet known to many.

Who was the first President of Muslim League?

Sultan Muhammed Shah (Aga Khan ¡¡¡) was the first President of Muslim League.Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah (Agha Khan ¡¡¡) was the first Honorary President of the Muslim League.

Is shahruh Khan a Hindu?

no! hes a muslim...its why his name is SHAHRUKH KHAN!

Is shah ruh khan a shia or sunni muslim?


What are the Muslim names of India actors?

Salman KhanShah Rukh Khansaaf ali khanAmir khan

What is the Religion of Shah Rukh Khan?

Shah Rukh Khan is a very popular actor in india. He is a Muslim by birth however her wife is a Hindu.

Where is born shah rukh khan?

Shahrukh Khan is born in New Delhi in a Muslim family.

Is shahrukh khan is sunni Muslim?

Shah Rukh Khan is a Sunni. He is a Muslim born in New Delhi. He then moved to Mumbai for his acting.

What is the religion of singer kamal Khan?

khan is a Muslim name and so is Kamal khan is usually a Muslim from India for example: Salman khan (1/2 Muslim) shah ruk khan (converted to Hindu) Saif ali khan (1/2 Muslim) SO ON AND SO FORTH

Is Gouri Khan Muslim?

no she is not a Muslim actually , her anme is khan coz shaurukhs name is khan so she had to change it to khan , but she is still Indian , in her house she has the Indian god and Indians holy book in her house as well as the quran next to it.

What relegion is shah rukh khan?

Pathan (Muslim) from dehli in india and his grandfather was from afghanistan

Is shah ruk Khan Muslim?

All Khans are muslim or part muslim where one of their parents are Muslim. So that make Saharukh Khan a muslim, a non practicing but devoted muslim who is married to his Hindu wife. Saharukh Khan said in one of the interviews that his kids follow both Hindu and Muslim faith at home.

Is gauri Khan married?

YES!!! to shah rukh khan :) yes!! to shah rukh khan!!! :) yes!! to shah rukh khan!!! :) yes!! to shah rukh khan!!! :) yes!! to shah rukh khan!!! :)

What religion is salman Khan?

Salman is Muslim in caste. He is of the same religion as Shah Rukh Khan. They both belong to the same religion as both are Khan's.

What is the term used for Muslim rulers?

There are many: Sultan Shah Emir Imam Ayatollah Aga Khan

When did Shah Zaman Khan die?

Shah Zaman Khan died in 1961.

When was Shah Zaman Khan born?

Shah Zaman Khan was born in 1896.