Is shahrukh khan Sunni or Shea?

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Shahrukh Khan is Sunni by religion. He follows the Islam culture really. Shunni and Shea are 2 kinds of groups in Islam.
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Who is Shahrukh Khan?

He is an Indian Actor and he is one of the top actors and he is also the best the other names for him srk and king khan and these are some of his movies : Don Main Ho Na Om Shanti Om Duplicate Rab ne Bani jodi and that's all that I know

Does shahrukh khan offer prayers?

Yeah he does. Well since he is a Muslim he preforms his prayers like every Muslim does. He is very religious and believes in God so obviously he does offer prayers.

National award for shahrukh Khan?

Shah rukh Khan has not won a National film award. He was awarded Padma shri in 2005. List of her awards and nominations provided below.

How do you chat with shahrukh khan?

To chat with shahrukh khan you need to have his number. He does not give away his number to strangers. So better be friends with him then ask his number and start chatting.

About shahrukh Khan?

Nick Name: SRK Commonly Known Name: King Khan Date of Birth (Birthday): 2 November, 1965 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 5'9" Eye Color: Black Hair Color: Black Birth Place: New Delhi Religion: Muslim Education: Masters in Mass Communication from Jamiya Miliya Isla ( Full Answer )

What is the total wealth of Shahrukh Khan?

Shah Rukh Khan net worth estimated at over Rs 2500crore (US$ 540 million). [5] In 2008, Newsweek named him one of the 50 most powerful people in the world. below is the list of his assets World Wide his house is worth of 155 crore which is in Mumbai. and his bank balance is 12569590 which ( Full Answer )

Are Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan related?

No Shahrukh and salman are not related. They are just actors and act in movies. Both have just one common thing that is khan which is their surname.

Is farah khan related to Shahrukh Khan?

No Farah Khan is not related to Shahrukh Khan, they both have same second names like some people can have the same second names as someone they dont even know. I know someone who has the same second name as me but is not related to me.

Is ShahRukh Khan a bad person?

ShahRukh Khan is a character in most Bollywood movies who depicts abad person. However, in reality he is not a bad person.

Is shahrukh Khan Muslim or Indian?

what is the difference between a Musilm and an Indian lol..he is a Muslim and an Indian. Exactly. Being Muslim is his religious identity, and being Indian is his national identity. They can and do coexist.

IS Shahrukh Khan a gay?

Shahrukh Khan is married to a woman and has two kids from her. He has never claimed, purported or implied that he is gay. There's a picture of him kissing a man, but that picture is from a deleted scene from the movie 'My name is Khan' and is in a comic sense.

How much wealth did shahrukh khan have?

his house is worth of 50000000 which is in Mumbai. and his bank balance is 12569590 which is in many banks all over the world and the most of his bank balance is in UAE national bank of abu dhabi and he have 6 bungalows in UK , 3 appartments in USA and recently the cool hunk fahad khan have gifted h ( Full Answer )

Who Shahrukh Khan is?

Shah Rukh Khan is an famous bollywood actor. Other names of Shah Rukh are King Khan,SRK.

Was Shahrukh Khan an orphan?

he was never an orphan. His dad died later on his life because of cancer. but then a few years later his mum died while he was giving a hug and died in his arms. it was not his fault that his mother died it was because she was infected by her diabetes

What is the email address of Shahrukh Khan?

salam, how are you shahrukh howz your family? Really I am not sure about this email id maybe this is yours or not and you read by your own self or not I want talk to you can this possible? This is very personal and I am not sure you will interest to listening me or not if you have little bit time ( Full Answer )

Does shahrukh khan have ear pierce?

Yes he does. He is a pathan so he had both ears pierced as a baby. He wore earrings in his early films but now only occasionally ever wears them.

Postal address of Shahrukh Khan?

What the question you are asking Man,. Anyways,. If you want post some thing to shah rukh ,. Here is the address Mannat, Band Stand , Mumbai,. You can send any post on this addresss,. definitely he will get it and even you can try also via sending one courier

Is Shahrukh Khan circumcised?

Yes, he is. He has mentioned that he is circumcised in interviews around the time his son was born and said the son Aryan was also being circumcised

Is salman Khan jealous of shahrukh Khan?

No salman khan is not jealous of shahrukh khan. They both are very good friends now. They used to fight earlier but now that has been resolved.

Mailing address of shahrukh khan?

HI Shah Rukh je. well done for apsara and star screen awards. but try and compete to win more awards like filmfare awards. (by Usman Ali)

Is shahrukh khan sunniorshea?

My name is khalid janjua from Pakistan i play criket i am alrounder bowling speed is 140 per houre so give me chanc to play in kolkata night rider tell me plz..................??? i am act very will i am locking as U my email id is cell number is 0301-7318283

Is shahrukh Khans kids Muslim?

shahrukh khan's children follow any religions they want to and shahrukh khan is Muslim not Hindu. At lest that is what I was told by someone who is really smart. .

Does shahrukh Khan uses wig?

Shahrukh Khan never uses wig. As if somebody uses wig it clearly shows, real hair have real effects. Khan do not even let anyone touch his hair.

Are salman khan and Shahrukh Khan brothers?

No they are not brothers cuzz salman khan has 2 bros and their name are sohail khan the middle bro and arbaaz khan the oldest bro and salman khan the youngest bro.

Is salman khan and shahrukh khan is brother?

No they are not brothers because Salman khan has 2 brother and their name are Sohail khan the middle bro and Arbaaz khan the oldest brother and Salman khan the youngest brother.

What films has Shahrukh Khan been in?

deewana , Maya memsaab , darr , baazigar , kabhi haan khabi naa , karan arjun ,pardes , yes boss , dil to pagal hai , dilwale dulhania le jayenge , kuch kuch hota hai , dil se , baadshah , mohabbatein , josh , phir bhi dil hai hindustani , khabi kushi khabi gham , asoka , devdas , hum tumhare hain , ( Full Answer )

Does shahrukh Khan believe in Allah?

That only shahrukh khan or Allah can tell. No person on this planet has a right or could judge the deeds of other person.

Why is Shahrukh Khan soo cute?

Sharuk khan is soo cute .. because he puts jel in his hair and that looks sooo cute and the look of his face his voice everything about him

Where in born shahrukh Khan?

Shahrukh khan was born in delhi. He was born and brought up in delhi and played hockey here. He then decided and became an actor.

Is shahrukh khan a Muslim or Hindu?

Was a Muslim, converted to Hindu when married to his wife.chlidrens are Hindu. He did that because is wife is Hindu and he loves her a lot that is why he converted

Is shahrukh Khan a mason?

well its a very cheap question and the person asking it should be shamefull on his part.

Which cars do shahrukh khan have?

1. Rolls Royce Drophead Coupé owned by Shahrukh Khan. One of the most luxurious cars king Khan owns, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé which is a British handmade convertible manufactured by Rolls-Royce. The car is currently the most expensive Rolls Royce model that retails at $443,000. ( Full Answer )

What is shahrukh Khan fathersname?

sharukh khan father is taj mohammed khan. shahrukh is the best actor of bollywood. his latest movie is happy new year.

What does Shahrukh Khan dislike?

i love shahrukh khan i wanna meet sharukh 4 once i m praying that sharukhs new release movie jab tak hai h jaan will be a super duper hit movie n done a 200 crore business i love hahruk i wanna meet u 1ce in my life time

What is the birth time of Shahrukh Khan?

Birth time of shahrukh khan was not released officially to the public. He is a famous bollywood actor. He has done alot of famous movies.

Which brands car shahrukh khan has?

Shahrukh khan owns a lot of cars. To name some he has mercedes, bmw, audi, etc. Shahrukh khans love cars and he has a huge collection of cars.

Is shahrukh khan Muslims or Hindu?

Shahrukh Khan is muslim not hindu. He is a famous bollywood actor. He has acted in numerous hit bollywood movies.

What alcohol does Shahrukh Khan drink?

He never said publicly what his favorite alcohol is. He is howeverthe brand ambassador for newly launched Materstroke deluxe whiskeyin Mumbai.

What is Shahrukh Khan best known for?

Shakrukh Khan is best known for being an actor in Bollywood films. He is also known as King Kahn and he has been in over 78 films so far in his career. He has won many awards.