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An invertebrate animal is an animal that does not have a spine. The silverfish is a wingless insect that is indeed an invertebrate.

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Q: Is silverfish a invertebrate
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Is an silverfish a fish?

No, a silverfish is a wingless insect.

Does silverfish have feelers?

Yes! Silverfish have a pair of feelers

Which group of animals does the silverfish belong to?

Silverfish are insects.

What animal has a symbiosis relationship with the army ant?

silverfish silverfish

When was Antarctic silverfish created?

Antarctic silverfish was created in 1902.

Can silverfish climb?

Yes. One time, I saw a silverfish on my ceiling!

Are silverfish poisonous?

The Silverfish insects are not poisonous nor do they transmit any diseases .

How can you tell the difference between centipedes and silverfish?

Centipede's bite and silverfish do not bite.

When was Silverfish Trivia created?

Silverfish Trivia was created on 2007-04-17.

Why do silverfish and army ants live together?

Silverfish and army ants have a sommensalistic symbiotic relationship. This is because the silverfish benefit, but the army ants are unaffected. The silverfish consume the detritus left over by the army ants and are afforded protection by their presence.

What do silverfish do on Minecraft?

Silverfish spawn in strongholds, they aren't hard to kill but are very annoying.

How do silverfish and army ants interact?

Silverfish and ants live together and share their prey.

Where do silverfish live?

Silverfish live on land.

Where are silverfish longboard manufactured?

Silverfish isn't a longboard manufacturer, they are a longboarding website/forum.

What did silverfish eat before there was books ane paper?

What did silverfish eat before there was books and paper

How do you get silverfish bugs?

See this page for the answer:

What symbiotic relationship do the silverfish and the army ant present?

the silverfish and the army ant have a parasitism relationship.

Do silverfish have eyes?

Silverfish have small compound eyes which consists of many photoreceptors that point in difeferent directions. This allows the silverfish to have a wider range and ability to detect light and quick movements.

What are the little black centipede like worms?

A little black worm that looks like a centipede might be a silverfish. A silverfish is a destructive worm, almost as bad as a termite. Silverfish do not eat wood, though. Silverfish don't usually like the daylight and will hide like a cockroach will.

Is a mussel an invertebrate or vertebrate?

An invertebrate.

Is a oyster vertebrate or invertebrate?

A oyster is a invertebrate because they have know backbone or skull

Is the silverfish an insect?


How do army ants and silverfish interact?

Army ants do not recognize silverfish as prey or predator so they leave them alone. Silverfish use this to their advantage, living in army ant colonies in a commensalistic symbiotic relationship.

How do you get rid of silverfish in a house?

Silverfish are annoying insects.

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